It was a cold windy night as we embarked to see our ole hillbilly kin Straight Line Stitch. As a kick off to their new tour they were opening for Trivium and the night promised to be spectacular.We spent some time catching up backstage before taking our place to see time after time the best metal show around! This is the hardest working band around and they always take time for fans and friends.As always the sound and fist hammer raw energy y

of SLS was music to our hillbilly ears. They crushed the night with a roaring metal thunder mixed with melodic and contrasting tone.We chose in this case to bring you some different pictures from the back to the front of the stage.Eternally we are dying SLS fans and if you haven't checked them out do so now! They are the best metal band around!!!Go get the new album When Skies Wash Ashore and support the metal cause now!!!!Moe Hillbilly