Well we had an evening of Thrash Metal royalty roll into town last night as Jaggermeister brought us the Metal Lords of Anthrax, Megadeth and the Almighy Slayer.I have not had the chance to see this bunch together since the early 90's and it was worth the wait.Slayer kicked open the show with brutal force hailing "World Painted Blood", "Hate Worldwide" and the wicked "War Ensemble"t!

I had whiplash before the first breath the band took. I also believe this was the loudest show I have ever attended and I have attended a lot.

Slayer is indeed masterful at bringing the most aggressive and full face metal available. They do so with straight drums, and the spine twisted guitars that have made them so endeared to all the staff at TH.
Slayer of course wrapped up the show with classics such as "Reign In Blood", "Seasons of the Abbyss" and "Angel Of Death"What more could a man ask for!If you get a chance to see this show do not hesitate do not pass go and prepare for whiplash! Check out the pics from our own Hillbilly Skip!Once again his eye captures the brilliance of the iconic, legendary and downright the best thrash band to live!Many thanks to AC Entertainment, The Civic Colisuem and of course all three of our staff photgraphers for making this a night to remember.