Rhonda Vinc‚Äčent

This was one for the books. I am up LATE on Thursday night, Have a shoot at 9:00am and cannot sleep. About 2:30am the Facebook feed reads.... Rhonda L.Vincent:"Rolling into Kodak, TN" !!!!! That's just a hop, SKIP and a jump across a couple-o-hollers from here, I'm thinkin', so I answered with a comment that said' I'm on it like a Duck on a Junebug"....no really....I said that. :o) Rhonda sent me a phone number to her PR person and the rest is history....In PICS :o) The show was an absolute delight.The venue, DUMPLIN VALLEY CAMPGROUND, was hosting their 11th Annual DUMPLIN VALLEY BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL. Those people are so nice. They were accommodating to a fault and so were the musicians. I shot my heart out over the first 3 songs of Rhonda's set and sat in awe and with tears in my eyes, at the beauty I heard and saw. Rhonda...You're a REAL CATCH. ;o) I was also allowed a RARE PLEASURE; They let me review the CD (TAKEN) that was set for release TODAY (9-21-10) in NEW YORK CITY. If I'm not misTAKEN, Rhonda was playin' the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING and "The Square" today.The CD is absolutely unreal. The harmonies are pure Bluegrass, but there is an original edge to them, particularly in the song "When the Bloom is off the Rose". The title track "TAKEN, is a REAL love song. It is simple, gorgeous to the ear, and lyrically, one of the most touching and poetic pieces I've ever heard. Rhonda also takes us down the party road with the track RAGIN' LIVE. Gotta love the Honky-Tonk Spirit in that tune, The Gospel track "GOD IS WATCHING is also WELL WORTHY of mention. It hits right at the heart of the spirit in that sector of the genre. The reason...It's HEARTFELT and conveyed in all honesty. She believes ! Also wanted to site another track that's close to my heart and has been for a long time. "Back on My Mind", an excellent classic Ronnie Milsap tune from an era gone by. needless to say .WE LOVED THAT CD (TAKEN) and would reccommend it to anyone that has ears. Great Job Rhonda...and THE RAGE ...(You guys are absolute ARTISTS). I would be remissed if I were to go without mentioning Rhonda's Sponsor on the tour. That being MARTHA WHITE, makers of fine Flour, Muffin Mixes and other baking goods....YUM !!!! We at TWISTED HILLBILLY would like to thank Rhonda, The Rage, and JULIA in particular for helping to make this last minute, wonderful collision occur. Sometimes insomnia PAYS OFF !
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