We had the pleasure of taking in a Witchita, Kansas based trio known as SPLIT LIP RAYFIELD over this past week, at OUR FAVORITE VENUE; THE VALARIUM. I can tell you one thing....I was taken off my feet. The taking of the stage was so casual. They didn't storm out in a puff of lights and smoke, but took the spotlights much as anyone who had been moving around on the stage in pre-show. This unassuming behavior set up the sharp "Pop" that followed. As I watched and listened, I felt THE SOUL OF BLUEGRASS eminate from a right edgy sound that reeked of both serious attitude and talent. Heck, one could sense the attitude by simply gazing upon the Automobile Gas Tank they had converted into a String Bass (neat sound). It has been a while since I was caught off guard by a band, but this was one of those rare occassions and it made me feel good inside. That's a damned good thing to be able to convey through an art form and SPLIT LIP RAYFIELD hit it right on the head with their performance. They are touring with THE REVEREND HORTON HEAT at present and we strongly advise anyone "on the fence" about attending the "Opener" on this tour, to get off the fence and get there in plenty of time to catch this group. These guys aint no "throw aways" on the ticket. In fact, as with all the bands on this bill, they are well worth the ticket price by themselves :o)
                                                                         HB Skip .