A Chat with Hank III

Who first “set you off” musically?

 My very first, at the age range of 5-7yo, was ELVIS (A truly Twisted Hillbilly) My first records (vinyl discs that produced music when played, for our younger crowd) were ZZTOP, Ted Nugent, Black Sabbath, Kiss and Willie Nelson (one of our American Idols).

 What’s the story behind the creation of “Crazed Country Rebel” ?

 I was on the road with Super Joint Ritual, somewhere between Texas and Memphis and it came to me all at once. (Of note was the fact that the song was written on April 1st )[April fools Day;

 Have you ever been arrested on tour?

We’ve come close. At times we’ve had different Law Enforcement agencies board the bus to look for whatever they suspected we might have. We’ve had them accost us for blood on the crowd (wish I had gone further into that one) and once because Gary exposed himself to the crowd. ( again, wish I had gone further into that one too)

 What’s the worst place you’ve ever played and why was it the worst?

That would have to be a place called “Country life”(?) in Lubbock Texas. Apparently they didn’t  understand our diversity between the 2 sets we played. The ownership and staff were”Assholes on crack”. They threw our equipment into the street and pulled guns on us.

Ever have women get naked at your shows?A: Oh definitely !!!. We’ve had them do such, both in the crowd and every once in a while, up on stage. Of particular note are the fans in Minneapolis, MN at the venue “1st Avenue”

 Which do you prefer, the .357 magnum or the .44 magnum?A: I tend to prefer the .44 magnum. The beer can explosions are just so much better.

 What’s your favorite genre of music other than that which you play?A: As of late I’ve been listening to a lot of Bluegrass (Here, Here; Bravo) I’m also getting good doses of Stoner Rock, and Cajun music.

Got any groupies?

Everywhere and the “group” is growing.

Anybody ever throw up while playing? 

Yeah, pretty much all of us at one time or another. Of note was a gig in Indiana, I felt like I was having a mini-stroke.

 Ever have to defend yourself onstage?

Yes, for one reason or another. Either someone took offense to something in our show, or there  is always the “Ultimate” Punk, Redneck, or garden variety Asshole that decides this is his shot to make a name for himself. 

 Ford, Chevy, or Dodge truck / Diesel or Gas?

 FORD !!!! I haven’t got much experience with the pick up diesels, but the take off power  clearly belongs to the gas engines. Jesco’s people all like the Ford’s so I tend to lean in that direction as they carry the White family’s endorsement :

 Anything in particular that you wish to share that we haven’t covered ?

 Yep ! I’d like to make mention of the “Reinstate Hank Williams” campaign. It is a campaign to reinstate Hank Willams to his rightful place in the Grand Old Opry. It is dear to my heart and I  would like everybody to help out by signing the petition. (The petition can be found on our  Twisted Hillbilly Magazine Myspace sites and TwistedHillBilly.com, as well as Hank III’s  Myspace sites and the “Reinstate Hank Williams” Myspace site). Y’all sign up now, Ya Hear!?!  We also touched on the life and times of Hank Williams and the fact that he most likely spent his last     moments alive, just blocks away from where Hank III played back in the fall, here in Knoxville, TN. It would be our pleasure to help Hank III trace any foot steps, he wishes, in regard to his ancestor.

We would like to extend our gratitude and to support  Hank III in all his future musical and Hank William’s reinstatement endeavors. Twisted HillBilly Magazine stands honored by Hank III’s    participation in our endeavors as well.HB SKIP