Jake Cox

Only one possible way to describe this man and that is REAL DEAL !!! JAKE COX has been a fixture on the Nashville Outlaw scene for some time now, performing his wares on Music Row (in the Honky Tonks) and in his young existence, has been "Living the Life" that true Country is made of.Jake plays just about any instrument you can think up in the genre and his style is OLD SCHOOL MOUNTAIN ! Every time I hear him, I sincerely get the feeling of going back in time; back to the roots of it all.....back to true country....back to true OUTLAW living.His haunting baritone/bass voice and the chords he strikes are the stuff legends are made of.His lyrics crawl inside you and resonate. I always get the feeling that I'm living those songs because they literally put pictures in my head. The artistic turns of phrase, combined with the passion in his voice are enough to place the listener in a state of "experiencing" music as opposed to just "hearing" it.Over the years, JAKE has become a friend of ours and we witness him just getting better and deeper in the form. Recently, we've struck an arrangement with him that will place him recording in our studios and hopefully joining into Twisted Hillbilly Records. If you ever get the slightest chance to hear JAKE COX live.....Do NOT miss that opportunity!!!!