Rob ZombieWe wanted to share these shots of our visit with GRUESOME TWOSOME TOUR.Though we shoot just about every event we publish in the magazine, part of our mission is to promote photographers, so we step back and let our own content stand to the background so we can spotlight others.None the less, we want to share this spread with you. It is simply a different perspective.Hope you enjoy these as much as we did getting them.
Skip If I tried to describe how much fun we had at the Gruesome Twosome Show with the infamous Rob Zombie you would probably not believe me.It was in fact one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. After a great set by Alice Cooper, the evil zombie one himself hit the stage with a fury.Backed by the holy strings of John 5 and some kickin rhythm from the great one of Slipknot the show was out of this world.Complete with clips from his highly successful films and one of the best effects setups I have ever seen well you just cant beat it.We had so much fun we had three photographers going and we are still arguing as to which pictures to use.With that in my we said fuck it and we are using them all.Over the next few weeks we will be bringing you the best we have to give, to try and represent one of the best acts out there today!!If you have the chance go! I mean you will not find a better show going. The sights sounds and yes even the crown of evil zombie fiends will keep you entertained!Mr. Zombie you do indeed have our praise and adoration!HornsMoe