Here Come the Mummies

We have seen a lot of bands over the course of our many years of this magazine. None have been quite so intriguing and fabulous as Here Come the Mummies. With a unique brass sound backed by some of the most talented musicians to assemble in some time this band will literally blow your socks off. At the first mention of this outing I indeed had to question Hillbilly Skip as to why he was so obsessed with covering this show. But after a couple of minutes of the show I was hooked line and sinkered. If you are a fan of music I simply do not see how you could not have fun with this group. They bring the whole package in a live show that holds you from beginning to end. All I can say is go see them you will not be sorry in the least. We would like to thank your friends at the International as always for their hospitality. They are the best live venue in town and continue to bring good music back to our area!