Charlie Daniels is one of the most down to earth performers you will ever run across. We were thrilled to get to catch him this week in town on short notice. We would like to extend a big thank you to our friends at Cotteneyed Joes for helping us as well.This is a man who can play a guitar and of course a fiddle as well as the best, sign and just put on an outright foot stomping show.I first met Charlie in the late 90s when much to my shagrin this big ole guy in a cowboy hat sat in front of me at a ZZ top concert.I also remember of course my entire wedding party leaving early to catch the forks of the river jam with Charlie and Hank Williams Jr.It was worth it all though to meet this living legend and get to know what a great family man he is.While these days Charlie is far more mellow and leans more on his roots you can guarantee he has not missed a step in the music department.Legends like Charlie are slowling waning so get out there and check out one of the best shows still coming and going. And yes the Devil is still going down to Georgia!Check out all the sites that Hillbilly Skip had a chance to capture. Moe