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Grizzly, K.T. Crusha, Freeball, Brain


From the dark depths of bluegrass comes the one band that will unite all blackgrass into an evil empire. This is one of the most musically gifted and of course Twisted Hillbilly Bluegrass certified bands around folks. Of course we had to go all the way to New York to find some good ole down home twisted bluegrass music. Check out all their stuff at the link below, particularly Ole Slew Foot blackgrass style! Hillbilly Skip recently sat down with this band which in my opinion is more like a full production company, so check it out below.

Moe Hillbilly





Unclefucker is now on tour in Texas, Missisippi and Florida. Be there or the devil will take your blessed soul!


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1) Who first "set you off" musically? (each of you)

We are not sure what you mean… do you mean who influenced us personally or what influence the band Unclefucker??

2) What's the biggest named line up you played with?

We have opened for the following people Courtney Love, Reverend Horton Heat, Mindless Self Indulgence…..

3) What/who inspired the song "Ole SlewFoot"? (We desperately want a copy that we can download/myspace player not working)

Ole Slew Foot is an old time songs that came from somewhere in the Ozark mountains.  I first heard a Jim and Jesse version.  The composer is unknown.   I’ll try to get that mp3 working again.


4) What are the bands future tour/ recording plans?

When I moved to Austin, TX 2 years ago Unclefucker basically took a break.  We played a few shows but it was too hard with me all the way in Texas. HOWEVER, Izzy just moved here to Austin and we are talking about getting things going again.  We have enough material for another albums… it’s a matter of putting in the time and money.

5) What's the air speed of an unladened African swallow, accounting for a 4 knot cross wind?

Its merely a flesh wound… Come back, I’m invincible.

6) Anybody married w/ kids in the band?

No way.

7) Have any of you ever been arrested? (if yes, please elaborate; alot:) (each of you)

uh….  Yeah
Freeball: Public urination, riding his bike on a subway platform, public inebriation
Grizzly: Improper sexual conduct in public.  He was getting a blowjob from 2 different girls on a central park bench

Crusher: You don’t wanna know…. Or I just don’t want to tell you.
Brain: Spent 4 to 6 months in the Sussex County State Correctional Facility for illegal possession of narcotics

8) What's the worst place you've ever played and why was it the worst?

The Rave in Milwaukee, WI.  We were on a tour opening for Mindless Self Indulgence.  It was an all ages show.  Our bass player at the time decided he needed to show all the youngsters his hemorrhoids…   He pulled down his pants and mooned the audience.  We were thrown off stage and the asshole staff threw all of our gear/ drums/ merch over a railing down 2 stories in a puddle of dirty rain water.   We shit in a box and sent it to them.

9) Ever had women get naked at your shows? (Just curious)

If you call the ghastly pigs that come to our shows women… sure.

10)  Which do you favor; the .357 Magnum or the .44 Magnum?  (there's a reason I ask, both are good answers)(each of you)

Depends on whether I’m sleeping on my back or on my stomach.

11) What's your favorite genre of music other than that which you play? (each of you) 

Grizzly:  Tuba Orchestra
Freeball:   Latin Tango
Brian: Nerd Math metal and Rush
Crusher: Tuvan Throat Music

12) Alot of American bands cut their teeth in Europe or play multi-group tours on the way up; Any plans in those direction?

Not yet.

13) Got any groupies ?  ;)

I’m the only one who still gets groupies.  All the guys have turned a gay. 

14) Anybody ever thrown up while playing?

One of the Fuckerettes threw up while dancing..  It caused one of the other girls to slip and fall.  I won’t tell you their names… otherwise I’ll get a beating.

15) Ever had to defend yourself onstage?

I’ve kicked someone in the face for grabbing my ass.

16)  When's your next gig and where?

Not sure yet…. When it happens it will most likely be in Texas.

17) Ford, Chevy, or Dodge Truck? (Diesel or Gas?)

Biodiesel… in fact Grizzly has a moving company on the side.  The trucks run on veggie oil



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