Type O Negative Remembered





Well Folks, here it is. This is to remember and honor a true Metal Legend, PETER STEELE (R.I.P.). Peter and TYPE-O-NEGATIVE were huge influences on Moe and I and not only

satisfied our need for heavy, hard sounds, but also drove us to the edge of the genre and beyond.

This band was one of the TWISTERS in our musical past, that led us forward into the realm in which we now reside.

This show was covered within the first few months of our magazine's existence and was shot with a Fuji Finepix, 3.2 megapixel

(Actually shot in 1 megapixel because I had no idea how to get the damned thing into 2 or 3 megapixel for about 6 months :o), with a fixed lens 6X zoom.

This was our first ICONIC show and we were as excited as we could be to even get through the door, much less having the privilege of photo access.

The venue was BLUE CATS in Knoxville, Tn's OLD CITY and it was HOT AS HELL inside the building.

(and Arctic outside). This was yet another capacity crowd and TYPE-O-NEGATIVE blew the roof off the joint.

The barricade was about 12 inches deep and the shots are as close up as I think I've been to a performer

....and needed to be for that equipment (camera).

This was a night we will never forget, brought to us by a band and performer we shall never forget.

It took a while to clean these up and we think it was well worth the effort.

We miss Peter Steele, as we are sure all the fans do, so we hope this brings some good memories to mind for those who

knew the band and their music and we also hope it will open the eyes and ears of those who did not get to experience them in the day.





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