Two Black Lips



I recently spoke with Christian Lang about his music.


Christian first thanks for agreeing to do this interview my hope is that many other people can discover the art and sound in your music. I have always liked alternative music but yours is very unique and refreshing.

You have a way of making very deep statements with your music, what is your process in song writing?

Songwriting is still a very new process for me as I continue to learn what works for me. As individuals, we continue down so many changing roads in our lives, our processes are always evolving. Usually though, these poems will come and be done in about 15 minutes. Then I pluck a few chords and just shout into the microphone. I believe in catching the moment raw and realistically.

You have an underlying exploration of different faiths in your music. What would you describe as your current philosophy regarding this subject?

Being raised a charismatic Christian; I saw the underbelly of the utmost glory and gluttony of leaders and congregations. I was turned away because no one could explain any visions or thoughts coming to me. I believe in communicating with God one on one without man interfering with his own agenda. Our paths are littered without reasons, but those reasons become the character that lays our future walk.

Taking into account, of course, my distaste for labels how would you best describe your genre of music?

I'm sure people would label me experimental, folk, punk or etc., but the truth is I understand I am not a singer, not a musician but a man who won't back down from what lies inside him and what others may think. So in that sense, the genre would be straight rebellion.
I particularly enjoy the song Cheap Fix. Can you describe the motivation for the song?

Imagine being a child who is around four or five and has to dance around a fire naked for other people. And your whole life visions rush to you and tongues dance like that fire you danced around. And the fire takes your offerings, takes your mind and tells you . . . (you wore clothes as you danced around the fire naked), but you know damn well you were naked the whole time. Everything has been a lie but the prophecies are there, you just don't know what to believe. So you separate the deck of cards, there's the queen of spades and suicide kings.


All the best