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Mexico has had a great list of metal bands reach our magazine this year and Tormentor is no exception. As luck would have it our friends at ZSentient Metal were cracking the fine tunes of this band as we passed by not long ago. (http://www.myspace.com/zsentient). This band is not only musically gifted but engaging in a way that reminds me of the older days of dark metal. With a mix of melodic guitars and clear vocals the band not only hits you hard as a brick, but also complicates your brain pallet with tone and balance I have not heard in a long time. I could say a lot more but the music speaks for itself so kick back close your eyes and absorb TORMENTOR!

Cecil Sizzlin





Tormentor was formed in the middle of 2005, and is made up of 5 members: Abdiel Martinez (Drums) Jose Valero (Rythm Guitars) Omar Vela (Lead Vocals) Azael Ibarra (Bass) Diego Montcerv (Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals). The Genre is a mix between the speed and the aggresivness of Thrash Metal & Heavy Metal melodies and riffs, making with that an original style. The lyrics do not focus on one theme specifically, it can range from Terrorism, Death, Destruction, MetalHead pride or even Zombies. The Bands music can be compared to that of Iced Earth, Kreator, Early Metallica, Dungeon & Death. Tormentor Went Into studio on April of 2006, and produced their first demo named "Eye of the Dead" and includes the following songs: Eye of the Dead, With Steel and Pride, Metal is Forever, Night of the Living Dead. In the band the respect between companions can be seen, it is what has helped them overcome problems and other situations which can be fixed with a good talk and some beers.























































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