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The Dirty Works

This week ladies and punks we bring you a good ole fashion true to the cause punk band known as The Dirty Works.

Having played the punks scene since the 80's as individual members, and since 2004 as a group, as well as releasing a motion picture. The band is storming the halls of the punk kings.

Led by the legendary Christopher Scum, the band has spent decade decrying the facist system. True, raw and in your face is a fashion that best describes this perseverent group.


So get up smash some expensive furniture and pay homage to a legendary punk band that remains relevant and strong.


Moe Hillbilly


The DIRTY WORKS A Southern Punk Hard Rock were born the summer of 2004. Starting out with a bang by playing a packed Voters Registration/ Right to Free Speech Rally put together By Dirty Works Front man, Christopher Scum himself organized and promoted.
Since then the band has been rolling full steam, playing everywhere in the south that would give them the chance.
By the fall of 04 The DIRTY WORKS recorded their first DEMO titled FROGWATER INJECTION. Even though this E.P. was never fully released the band managed to sell over 600 copies of the CD.
At an especially chaotic and brutal performance in Morristown, TN, where the DIRTY WORKS were opening for Atlanta buddies DROPSONIC, Worldstorm Productions and Visual Luxury were there filming DROPSONIC. Anthony Rahim, Visual Luxury was impressed with The DIRTY WORKS and took the footage to his partner Francis Percepio. Two days later Christopher Scum got a phone call offering The DIRTY WORKS a major documentary. That was May of 05’ and they are still filming. They are using the best of cameras and have 3-5 people filming at shows, also they’ve got backstage interviews with friends/fans and even some anti-Dirty Works. Anthony Rahim was in the studio for the entire recording of their debut release BISCUITS and LIQUOR
which is doing great and has brought the band much local and regional press. The Critics have seemed to like Biscuits and Liquor giving the band credit in the originality department. Worldstorm hope to release the documentary by the end of this year(09) or beginning of next. It will premier in select theaters and film festivals but already there have been neg. with several major distribution Companies.
Influenced so diversely, it’s hard to categorize this Band into a genre'. From Hank williams Sr, to early AC/DC, then black Flag, the Germs, Fear, Iggy, to hank william's III, Joe Buck,Nine Pound Hammer and just about eveything in between.
What ever label one decides to place The DIRTY WORKS in, They will agree with one thing. It’s all Rock n Roll.

The Dirty Works are
Christopher Scum-Vocals/Bass
B.Riot- Drums/Backing Vocals
Steven Crime- Guitar
The band is entering the record studio as of early March to record a 7 song E.P. yet to be titled but schedualed to be released this summer on Stikman Records.

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