The End By Hillbilly Skip


Consider your ass KICKED if you go to a show where "The End" is playing. I was completely blown away. Moe, Hellie Mae, Psyko Billy (though he was hiding from Hellie Mae) and I converged on BLUE CATS LIVE in Knoxville, TN (Our Favorite Venue) to have a little family get together and what happened but Skip found himself driven to dive head long into a mosh pit by the driving, crushing, explosive sound of the opening band. Such a thing is a damned rarity; trust me.

I'm no push over for a pretty face nor an above average group of musicians, but "The End" exceeded any expectations I brought through the door with me. I am now the proud owner of their latest album; also a damned rarity.

I thought it amusing that they were the opener with such a name. I predict that the name will prove prophetic for this group. With a sound like theirs, they will soon, surely be the last band of the night on any stage they choose to play. The band was tight and professional but not at all over produced or smarmy.

I wondered if their would be enough air left in the room for the other 2 bands. All the family felt the same way about "The End"; also a damned rarity.

I highly advise any hardcore Metal Heads to check these guys out and prepare to BANG YOUR HEAD HARD!!! Top F&#king marks !!!!!!!!!!!