Tension Head






Tale of the Tape:


Location: Saginaw, Michigan
United States

Intensity: Smack your own mama with a board!

Stamina: One Step from Deity!

Usual Suspects:

Chuck Rossio, Anthony Garcia, Sean Griffin, JoJo Jimenez

It has been a long time since we caught up with one of our oldest friends Tension Head. Since our last review which was in Issue 1 by the way the band has been in a documentary, appeared on Streetcult teams's compilation and continued to stomp ass. So with no further ado our oldest friends Tension Head!


This month I had the pleasure of finding what I consider to be one of the best unsigned metal bands around and they call themselves Tension Head. Led by the powerful vocals of C.P.  Rossio, Anthony Garcia on bass , Sean Griffin on guitar, and JoJo Jimenez on drums this band based  out of Saginaw Michigan is a force of hard adrenaline.  As a musician I appreciate the raw talent of both the rhythm section of this band as well as the fierce biting lead guitars. Topped  with the throaty vocals this band creates a response that will jack you up. 

         For this article I listened to a number of TH songs but my favorite has to be All You  an older song in their catalog which begins with a solid bass line by Anthony Garcia and explodes into a  violent array of hard riffs packed with vocal tension that will spike your tension level indeed. I would not recommend this tune while driving however due to its tendency to increase the pressure of your foot on the accelerator. 

        Tension Head is currently touring around Michigan and is now ranked #58 on MySpace’s Top Metal 100 Unsigned Artist. TENSION HEAD’S energetic live presence while on stage is the reason most cited for the national attention they are receiving. They have a strong reputation for their attention to their fans so If you like in your face metal/rock you owe it to yourself to check out there music at the links below. They are currently promoting their new release “Fire in the Hole” which I have most certainly enjoyed the samples of!



Tension Head Interview

What is your name?

Chuck Rossio/Vocals/TENSION HEAD


What is your quest?

Just me brother!


What is your favorite color?

GREEN! Just look @ my skin art.


I must know how you came up with the name. Every band has "that story" and I find them all pretty interesting. So what was the scene in which it was born?

Huh, should I or should'nt I? You asked, so here's the truth! I told every  member one day to come up with a list of names that we could all sit down and  pick from. We narrowed all the list's down to 2 names, very quickly I might add, Arkansas Chrome (which for those without any hillbilly blood means duct tape, a  quick way to fix any project) or Tension Head. The big thing with Arkansas Chrome was that our fuckin asses weren't even from Arkansas, and I was the one who came up with the fucked up name. Anyway, 2 voted for A.C. and 2 voted for T.H.! Flip a Coin then I said, tails A.C. or heads T.H., naturally. Heads Wins! We are called TENSION HEAD! Now, where did the name come from? Tony happens to be a Queens of the stone age fan and one of his favorite songs is "Tension Head"! There, the total honest truth about where our name came from! Besides that, it just fits us!


Who was it, for each of you, that 'set you off".Which band, or musician, that first sent that charge through your skull, and when was it?

Well, for me it was Uncle TED! Up here in Michigan when you hear someone say Uncle Ted, it means none other than Ted Nugent! When I first heard  "Stranglehold", "Cat Scratch Fever", "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang", and "Wango Tango", I was blown away!


How long have you been together?

 4 years.........


What/who was the inspiration for "All You"?

Alright, not many people know this, but fuck it! It was simply about a guy that owns and still does, a tattoo shop that just so happen to be right under where we practiced at the time. He would act all cool in front of my face, and behind my back talk alot of smack. I was soon told by the landlord to alter our jam sessions or move, so we fuckin moved! Oh Yeah!!!


Do you guys party hard, medium, or tetotal?

 I am by far the biggest and best dude to party with in Tension Head, no

doubt, lol! But I can get the boys drinkin if I want to, trust me!


Any sports fans in the band? Which members?? Which teams?

 Not enough time to get into this question, just know we Support our State Sports, all of them!


Describe your 'Gig from Hell", if that's happened

 If you haven't had a gig from hell, then you ain't gig'in! We had many, but one of the worst was with an ex-drummer. This fella was so fucked up, he could'nt even hold onto the sticks. We roughed through about a half of a song and left him on the stage. Needless to say, he's no longer with us, thank god for JoJo!


What are your goals for success, Regional, National, Worldwide?

 Our goals are pretty simple, pack fuckin Arena's everywhere someday SOON!


Are you planning to expand your touring radius anytime soon?

 We sure hope so, there will be some more out of state shows, but very select for now. It's comin though!


Do you express any political views or say "fuck all that"??


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