Straight Line Stitch

O.k., so Skip has been lame on the written side of the live review for our awesome friends: STRAIGHT LINE STITCH. My apologies. I showed up early at (OUR FAVORITE VENUE) the Valarium in Knoxville, Tennessee. I love those guys and that space. I always feel welcomed and safe when that "Home Crew" is in charge. The opening bands were spectacular and we will be reviewing them in detail later in this issue, or early in the next; so guys, hang in there, We loved ya all !!!!

From the start Alexis and the boys kicked my freakin' teeth in. It was one of those shoots where I had a hard time taking shots because I was constantly breaking into the act of head banging. That'll give ya a cool effect, but screws up your picture every time. I am still very proud of the product I came away with, though. Tell me what ya think ? ;) This band is wicked as hell and hard as granite. Their composition, arrangements, and technical talent are only equaled by their ability to drive a METAL spike right through your fuckin' head. I'm tellin' ya folks, this ain't light weight act. The vocalist transmits the most amazing range and rage I've encountered in the scene for sometime and the band is awesome in both musical ability and energy. I have to throw up a special thanks to the band and their tour manager, Charlie Moore, for treating we Hillbillies so well and allowing us the access that makes our endeavors possible. We are forever in your debt and fan base. If you get the chance to see this band (STRAIGHT LINE STITCH) or BUY THEIR CD anytime soon (or at all) DO SO. The Hillbillies give this live performance 8 stars out of a possible 5 (5 being the best, of course). I'll be back soon with another live review before ya know it.


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