Stone Sour

A major highlight of a BANNER night is what STONE SOUR brought to the stage. It was actually difficult for me to keep my eye in the view finder on “Black Betty” (my camera). The reason for that was the uncontrollable compulsion to stare in awe with my “HORNS” in the air at the stage front, while my comrades in the photography pit shot. I’m PLENTY satisfied with the content we got and that we got to collect it all with the same feeling in our hearts as the fans with whom we cheered. For those who may not know, 2 of the members of STONE SOUR are also in the band SLIPKNOT. Those being COREY TAYLOR (Vocals) and JIM ROOT (Lead Guitar). Jim and Corey are joined in STONE SOUR by ROY MAYORGA(Drums), JOSH RAND (Rhythm Guitar), and SHAWN ECONOMAKI(Bass), a band in and of itself, every bit the top caliber artists as in the associated entity, SLIPKNOT. The show was everything one could ever want from a Band. These were seasoned professionals, in command of the house and “In Concert of feeling” with every screaming fan in the crowd. They were....”With US” ! The details of our venture to the venue is in the latest coverage of STONE SOUR’S touring mates, AVENGED SEVENFOLD on our Main Page. Moe and I thoroughly enjoyed every note of STONE SOUR’S performance and in my case, maybe more than I should have, as the photographer, but when you are shooting with adoration in your heart, you’re gonna get some REALLY good stuff and we hope you feel that we achieved that goal in this spread. If you’ve ever wanted to know what truly great, polished, METAL is and maybe curious as to what a couple of the guys from SLIPKNOT look like without masks, we recommend you folks out there catch these bands on this tour , if possible; The sooner, the better ! This show was a little extra special for me, I’ll admit. One of my “Idols” in METAL is and has been JIM ROOT for both his work in STONE SOUR and SLIPKNOT. Our evening at RUPP ARENA netted Ole Skip a “I live for this stuff” experience. As I was reviewing some of the frames in the photography lounge provided, I looked up to see JIM ROOT walking through the door. Needless to say, I was beaming immediately and embraced, with alacrity, the opportunity to have my picture made with him. Pure Heaven for any METAL HEAD ! That shot is obvious in the layout, but take note of how tall JIM is. I am 5'8" tall and he’s leaning over on me in the shot. I’m guessing 6' 12" ;o) Anyway, we can’t thank our contacts enough for garnering access for TWISTED HILLBILLY MAGAZINE and we’d like to give a special “Tip of the Hat” to the folks at RUPP ARENA. In a word PROFESSIONAL. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the spread. We’re workin’ on some new KILLER stuff for ya, so STAY THMAG.US. “The most fun you can have “out of bed”. :o)
HB Skip
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