Southern Drawl Band


Well....let's see; where do I begin? I reckon it all started on Wednesday before the Race weekend at Bristol Motor Speedway, America's only Hillbilly Track (and please don't say Pocono ;o) I got a call from a Sister in Bluff City, TN., that owns the RED BARN CAMPGROUND, located directly off Turn 3 next to the track. It seems that the City folk on the other side of the track had slickered one of her Bands away last minute. I thought for a few seconds and the words SOUTHERN DRAWL BAND slipped right off my tongue. It was a PERFECT FIT !!! I arrived about 2 hours before showtime with that feelin' of "Don't Ya just Love it when a plan comes together?" and it was from that point forward that that Plan DID come together. The Bands took the stage just before dark, at which time, they could still see the crowd of about 30, gathered out front of the stage. As they hit the 3rd song of the set, the sun had dropped completely away and the stage lights took away any of the bands vision from about 20ft from the stage back. What they did not realize, was that by the time they started the 4th song, the crowd had swelled to a bit over 300 people....that were all RAWKIN' their collective asses off. :o)Though the band has plenty of original material, they smartly played into the crowd with some of the most Rebel, Outlaw, Rawkus, Country and Southern Rock I've seen out together in a set in a very long time. I was actually blown away at their ability to pull that many awesome classics off in the heat of the moment. Don't get me wrong, they played a few of their own too and the crowd loved'em the more. At this point the crowd had swelled to *well over* 500....and we grinned, knowing they had no idea how big this was getting. I'll have to say that this band earned  their Hillbilly Stripes in another way as well. Bristol is....well....Bristol and that means there is a lot of testosterone in the environment, as well as a lot of Hillbetties....and well....that inevitably leads to COMBAT ! All at once, about halfway through SDB's set, ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE and right in front of the stage. The first thing I knew, a fella came flying through the air and landed up against the stage right area, right on top of some of the cords and equipment, on the stage edge, and very nearly caused me to spill some of the shine I was holding. That was when I realized that this band is cut out for greatness. As I stood the fallen fella up and propped him against the stage, replugging the cords and grabbing a fallen Fiddle bow, his opponent came in and landed about 3-4 really good licks on the fellas head....and this was right next to and on the stage. Great licks too. Things of beauty really. At that point the brawl began to spread and there were somewhere between 15-20 people engaged in all out warfare in the middle of stage front. What did the band do? THEY PLAYED ON like it was all part of the show....and at Bristol, well, it kind of is :o) I was amazed at the calm and poise of these Folks in SOUTHERN DRAWL BAND. Many would have fled the stage, but they outlasted the assholes and soon, they took control of that crowd again. It was liked they erased the incident with sheer will and talent. Way to HILLBILLY UP SDB !!!\m/!!! If Y'all get a chance to catch this band as they play in the Knoxville/ Greater East Tennessee area, DON'T MISS'em !!!       















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