Straight Line Stitch

( Remember what we said about STRAIGHTLINE STITCH "connecting" with their fans? Well. here's a sample. This was a CD signing session at The DISC EXCHANGE in Knoxville, Tn (SLS's home town).

It was as we expected, a good turn-out, which is rare for a hometown session, but this is a LOVED bunch. The venue they did the signing in,bears some recognition too. DISC EXCHANGE has been around. They are quite tenured and KNOW music, which is why it made perfect sense to us that STRAIGHT LINE STITCH chose the location (just South of the Henley Street bridge(under construction).

Their METAL section is AWESOME and they have resident experts on the genre and "Listening Posts". CHECK THEM OUT !!! The signing members of the band were the beautiful Alexis Brown (Vocals ) and Seth Thacker (Guitar). As I said there was a good showing, with the fans flowing into the store over a 2 hour period and lots of interaction. It was relaxed feel.

I suppose that comes from the confidence of standing on your home turf, where the local base lifted you up to the touring level. Knoxville is engaged in a love affair with STRAIGHT LINE STITCH; it is a LOVE/ LOVE relationship and they earned the respect they are given.

We were pleased and proud to show up for these guys (and Gorgeous Lady) and cannot wait to cover them live again. BTW....if any photgraphers out there can get a shot at the present tour HELL HATH NO FURY (featuring all female lead METAL vocalists/ Sponsored by REVOLVER MAGAZINE), we'd be happy to look at your submissions. ALSO...get yourself a copy of the CD they were signing (THE FIGHT OF OUR LIVES)...In stores (Like DISC EXCHANGE)...Now !

It Kicks ASS !!!! Y'all have fun looking over the pics and listening to the tunes.

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