Chad- Vox/Lead Guitar
Trent- Drumz (email:
Chris - Bass (email:

This month we came across a great thrash band that brings force and power back to the game of headbanging. SINN which is a three piece band hailing from NEWPORT NEWS, Virginia, strikes a new thunderous sound back by old school biting lead guitar and a clear vocal style. Musically it is a sycophancy of rich tone and power with driving drums/bass that take you on a high and low ride through the valley of the shadow of death.. As one of the more powerful and different unsigned bands I have heard in a long time, SINN promises to be around to provide us with the whiplash for many years to come. You can get the bands new album "Metal Your Face Off!" by using the link below. You will not be disappointed if you are an affcianado of fine metal music. Kick back crank it up and relieve the pent up aggression.




Moe Hilliblly