Sierra Hull

In the many years we've been doing this publication, we have encountered some incredible talent.....in fact, an insane amount. Sierra Hull is amongst the best we've ever encountered. I have followed her career for a few years and of course, in that, had done a bit of back-story research, as is my nature. Her path to the greatness she has attained in her 23 years, reads like the litany of a prodigy. Singing, writing, and playing the "Dammit" out of both the Mandolin and Guitar, she sure enough caught the eyes of the "Greats" She kicked it all off at 8 tears old and by the age of 10 had already released an album (Angel Mountain). At the age of 11, she got noticed by Rounder Records at an IBMA Festival and  was then mentored by none other than Allison Krauss, likewise an early prodigy on the fiddle and well....we all know that voice and talent level :) Sierra was signed to Rounder Records at age 13. A good ole Tennessee girl from Pickett County, she kept at the music throughout middle and High School and then attended the Berklee College of Music, on a Presidential Scholarship. Folks, she ain't done nothin' but get better and better.....and I'm not sure that was even necessary. In fact, if she gets any better than she already is, I'm afraid audience's heads may begin to explode at her shows. She continues to perform around the world and stays in good Company, like Allison (Krauss).....and Dan Tyminski (both of Union Station and noted "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" fame). Sierra is one of those instant classics in the world of music....if you can imagine being a Classic already, at the tender age of 23. I'll have to point out one more thing.....she's PURDY AS HECK too !!!! As many gorgeous Female Artists and Models as I've shot, one might think I'd have gone a bit numb in that regard, but I have to admit as I photographed her live, I found myself "crushing" a bit :) That smile could melt a polar ice cap and when it's on top of all that talent, well.....she just bowled me over. If you get even half a chance to see Sierra perform....work out that other half and GET TO one of her performances. Best concert ticket that money can buy !!!

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