Siege A.D.


Siege A.D.

Siege A.D. - is
present line up:
Daryl Kemph - Guitar
Jared Pease - Guitar
Kyle Dietz - Drumms
Shane Rathke - Bass
Shawn Beagle - Vocals


Siege A.D. was forged in 2006 ,Hailing from Buffalo New York,There are 5 honorable shieldbearers that make up this union of battle, since the induction of Siege A.D. we played shows with just about every band in Buffalo NY within our first year, then in september of 07 we got to open for the obituary tour w/ hemlock, full blown chaos and alabama thunderpussy, after that show we became a solid machine.
Threw out 07 and into 08 we released 2 demos, continued to play shows, and opening for more nationals sutch as, Vital Remains, Monstrosity , Hell Within and Misery Index. after a few setbacks and lineup changes Siege A.D. was on its full war course.
In july of 08 we recorded our first full length album Infernal Eclipse, and with our release show in october 08 with Hell Within we solidified our status here in buffalo, since then we have our full length available online at FYE, and "Quartermaster" featured instore at all SPENCER's gifts locations.

what is up next for Siege A.D., well in febuary 09 we will be featured live on air here in our hometown, and we have the honor to play on the Slave to the Metal tour hosted by Mistress Julia of Fuse's Uranium, then we are planning on venturing out and playing a small east coast tour by fall, all that and writing and recording our second release titled "Legends of the Oathsworn" for winter of 09.

Siege A.D. Proudly uses
Ibenez, pearl, randall, Peavey ,warwick ,crate and ampeg

To contact Siege A.D.
siege2008ad@yahoo.com (716) 601-7396




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Copyright 2008 Hillbilly Publications. Twisted Hillbilly is a registered trademark.

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