Now I have been known to really go for extreme metal and Severed is a band that is straight up my alley.

With power and pure punch they come at you fast but with a quality that is often lacking in this style. The force is backed by melody and craftsmanship in the songs.

Each song builds to a crescendo of brutal punch with melodic guitars and extremely intelligent lyrics that bite with emotion.

Realizing of course that this genre is not for everyone, I highly recommend Severed to those who indeed are fans.

This NY group will be around with a tenacity long after pomp and circumstance have blown their course.

Four thumbs and two two's up from the ole hillbilly.




Location: Ridgewood, New York, USA
Description: Severed combines the extremes of heavy and melodic elements for a sound that is energetic and brutal, yet extremely catchy and memorable.
Biography: Formed in 2001, Severed has managed to survive and conquer the fickle nature of the NY music world through an indomitable work ethic and a musical ideology that favors quality songwriting above all else. Having developed one of the largest and most dedicated fan bases that the region has seen, Severed are poised to expand their influence to the rest of the world with the release of their new eponymous CD in May of 2010.

"As any band who lives to make their music known, we've put blood, sweat and tears into our new CD. We feel the music directly mirrors us as a group. The album is a raw representation of Severed's influences and personalities, and as such we've decided on self titling it. There's no hiding behind fluff or concept. Take it or leave it, what you hear is who we are."



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