It was really great to be back in the presence of SEVENDUST, but this time in the BRIDGESTONE ARENA in Nashville, Tn., from whence sprang the lead Singer of this power packed METAL BAND OF BROTHERS !!!! We really love this band and it’s because they exhibit our favorite attribute in a quality Metal Act....... Fan Interaction !!! These guys really know how to connect with an audience and they share in a cycle of energy between the Band and the Fans that just seems to “snowball” from begging to end. SEVEN DUST was a major bonus on our excursion to the MUSIC CITY. The lead vocalist, LAJON WITHERSPOON, performed an amazing tribute to his brother, who died on the streets of that very town. It was a very touching part of a very heavy show and again, SEVEN DUST had connected with the crowd in a way that is rare. This performance treated the Metal Fan (and Person) so many Good Ways, you were bound to Like ALL OF THEM !!!! The rest of the band put in an awesome performance as well, with a special mention to MORGAN ROSE, on the Drum Kit. Dang Dude .....WOW !!!!! Moe and I were so cranked up at the line up that night, that we actually did a “Victory Lap” around the beltway of Downtown Nashville, just to show our appreciation.....didn’t we Moe ? ;o) Y’all enjoy the spread and as always, Thank You for being YOU !!!
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