We caught SATYRICON in the grand mountain town of ASHEVILLE ,NC at the ORANGE PEEL (Social and Pleasure Club) a few weeks back and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I'd like to take a minute Here to thank the staff and Security for taking care of we Hillbillies so well; especially you C.D.)

SATYRICON brought something unique to the stage. A pleasent surprise if you will. Unlike many bands in the genre (Fuck that word, I'm tired of hearing it). This Band of Norsemen bring to bear something original to their particular idiom
(Idiom; yes).

The music is "Grade A" Skull Crusher, but there's something a bit different at play when this group takes the stage. As with most all seasoned acts, the concept of "jitters" was entirely absent, but unlike very many bands in the Black Metal/ Thrash sector, SATYRICON brought a sense of authority and empowerment to the performance, which has a different feel from the bands that vent an unbridaled anguish/anger inspired sound.

Not to say one is better than the other,(I feed from both universal troughs) it was just refreshing to experience the feel these folks from Norway were sportin'. The words that come to mind when I think of their music are: Powerful, clean, crisp, punching, searing, soaring, driving, irresistable, and to some degree just plain fucking EVIL.

The bands image was perfectly taylored to a town like ASHEVILLE; Unpretentious, yet sophisticated as any reveler set for a night on the town, but when they blasted out the first chord it was as if the look became that of a feature band at satan's birthday bash. Hardcore, but with a visual beauty.

We here at the Twisted Hillbilly are pleased to have witnessed this band and Ole Skip would personally like to thank SATYRICON for helpin' him to make a great memory. This band is top notch and worthy of the fine Label (ROADRUNNER RECORDS) with which they are partnered. A special thanks to ROADRUNNER for all their assistance as well.

Long and short is this; if you haven't heard or seen this band, you've been missin' out.

The great part is that you can fix all that by going over to their website or myspace account and introducin' yourself.

We at the Twisted Hillbilly firmly and proudly endorse SATYRICON.





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