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Rock-N-Roll Hooligans

Location: Nashville, TN


Skip and I had a chance to check out the Rock-n-Roll Hooligans recently and we were blown away. Driving with a raw punk energy that brought me back 30 years the Hooligans have a brilliant sound.

If you like driving pure old school punk rock-n-roll then I can tell you, you will not be disappointed. This band will make you want to grab a Pabst and slam headlong into a throng of thrashing punks!

If you have a chance to check them do it!

Moe Hillbilly



"A Hooligan Beginning" Anyone can love a band and admire them without knowing their story and their beginning. Yet, everyone wants to know who are these crazy Rock ‘N’ Roll Hooligans and where did they come from? The story is interesting, but not as interesting as the journey.

Founded by Eliott (singer and lead guitar) and Mike (who later would join The Off-Duty Ninjas) in December 2004, together they began this phenomenon that would be known today as the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hooligans. Eliott met Mike when he answered an ad that he read at Sam Ash saying that they needed a drummer. He went to audition and met Mike and Devon. They were impressed with him and he got into the band. Later Eliott got to know Mike a little better and showed him his music. Mike liked what he heard and asked Eliott to start a band with him.

Mike was a strong believer in Eliott and trusted him with everything. Even then, we all know that a band does not work with two guitar players so Mike called his friend Alex, an excellent bass guitar player. He auditioned and blew them away. He was now in the band. Where’s the drummer you ask? He came in later as Brian, Alex’s brother. Odd I know, but they sounded great. In their first meeting together they wanted to come up with a name. Their first chose was The Kickbacks which quickly was pulled off the table.

The family was now Eliott, Mike, Alex and Brian. By February they were ready to play shows. They played local shows at The Muse, Hair of the Dog, Exit In, the End, and Springwater. The people loved them and sooner or later they started singing their songs. Everything was great until some tension began to grow between some of the band members (like always). They wanted Mike out. He was not enthusiastic on stage and did not get the people’s attention, and above all, he did not improve on his guitar skills. One thing led to another and Mike was out of the band.

The search for a new guitar player did not take long. Luckily Eliott had met David, a very funny and crazy little man, at a bar (figures). Alex and Brian took in David in no time and the band was complete once again. They did not waste time and started playing shows. The band was going great until September 2005. Brian’s time had come and was going to move to Boston for college with a tennis scholarship.

Eliott being a reasonable man did not stand in his way, but in order to not lose such a talented drummer they agreed that he would come down every month to play a show. Wouldn’t it be great if that were what happened, but unfortunately, it did not happen that way. Alex, having lost his brother, left as well, and joined Mike and Brian in the band Thieves in the Night.

Some people would have ended the band there, but Eliott being a man all about the love for the music, did not let that happen. He started playing drums for The Carry-Ons and guitar for the band Live and Learn. After talking to Jeff, the guitar player for The Carry-Ons, he found out that Jeff liked The Rock ‘N’ Roll Hooligans and agreed to play bass for them. After five months of no music of his own, and being musically frustrated, that is exactly what he needed to get back into the game. He needed a drummer so he contacted Todd from Live and Learn and the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hooligans were back together.

Eliott couldn’t ask for a better band. They all are amazing and unique. But most importantly, they do it for the love of music. They are doing even better then when they started, being invited to play, invited to show up to talk at radio shows and now, their biggest gig yet, playing at the Gibson Awards. Although, they are still a local band, do not be surprised when you are singing their songs from your Ipod and wearing their shirt that you bought from Hot Topic.

Members: Eliott: Singer and lead guitar David: Second vocals and rhythm guitar Jeff: Bass guitar Todd: Drums




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