(pictures by O.J. Goldstein


Vocals/Lyrics-Marshall "fucking" Beck (Rebirth, Dyer, Reign of Vengeance)

Bass- Novy (Behemoth,Vader)

Drums- Duane Timlin (Dying Fetus, Divine Empire)

Guitar- Tim Gibson

Guest Guitar- Tommy Gibbons (Koama)



For our cover feature this month we bring you Rebirth. Proving once again to be one of the best up and coming metal bands around. The band has introduced a new line up and some killer new songs. Rebirth is lead by the legendary skull crushing Marshall "Fucking" Beck are on the verge of releasing their next CD and we will be bringing you exclusive looks here at the Twisted Hillbilly of all the fist pounding, gut wrenching action.

First for those that are unaware Rebirth hailing from Arizona has taken the US Metal Scene by storm. In such a mass march akin to Sherman's March the band has taken no prisoners, made no compromises and has stuck to its hard pounding roots.

The shear genius of the music including the instrumentation is a taste that will not take long for you to acquire. It is therefore my duty, honor and privilege to present the



Twisted Hillbilly Shrine to this great band. Check them out, or Marshall will personally send his minions to seek you out!!!

Lately it seems that a lot of good metal is pouring out of Arizona. Such is the case with Rebirth a hard metal band hailing from Scottsdale.



Marshall Beck's vocals bite, scream and harmonize their way into your permanent psyche. For this review I listened to several Rebirth songs off their latest CD "The Process of Obliteration"which was recorded at Full Well Studios and engineered by Mike Bolenbach.

My favorite has got to be "In the Wake of Desperation " which is a hard driving crunching song with great lead guitars.


Finally, after all these years of mediocre metal true raw power and force returns. This band brings all the good pieces to the table, great lead vocals, biting guitars with brilliantly worked solos and a powerfully raw rhythm section.


It is so refreshing to hear guitars return as a center point to metal music to once again inspire a new generation of axe grinders. It is also refreshing to understand the lyrics and hear some harmony from time to time. I then checked out "Anthem of the Black Hearted" a driving kicking metal song with throaty vocals, and great driving guitars.


This is not weak watered down radio metal and it takes no prisoners, so if you like hard music and heavy metal you should check out Rebirth. This band will be rising to the top of the metal rungs very quickly.


Moe Hillbilly















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