The Reach Around Rodeo Clowns


Reach Around Rodeo Clowns - Swivlin Wahine 



Twisted Psychobilly Band Of The Week

Tale of the Stage:

The Reach Around Rodeo Clowns

Location: LANCASTER, Pennsylvania

Intensity: Psychobilly Insane!

Stamina: Over 10 years and going strong

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This month we came across a killer psychobilly band known as the The Reach Around Rodeo Clowns. This band is hotter than a two dollar hooker on Saturday night. With a traditional psychobilly sound laced with a souped up modern sound the Rodeo Clowns make the Twisted Hillbilly list of favorites. So kick back, sip some shine, grab your girl and prepare to have your brain warped to the Twisted Killer Sound of The Reach Around Rodeo Clowns..

Reach Around Rodeo Clowns - Swivlin Wahine
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Bands Bio (From Their Site)

Remember when bands loved to play? When they would tour and put out albums of substance? When they didn't care about soda pop, car commercials, clothing lines or the branding of their name? Remember when a band was a band? The Reach Around Rodeo Clowns is a band. The band has already released two albums, and has toured endlessly off of them. The combination of the records and their touring has earned them tons of radio play as well as features in magazines like Hot Rod, CMJ Music Monthly and others. A Google search on the Internet turns up no less then twelve pages that reference the band and said pages are hosted in local cities like Lancaster, PA and as far away as Germany. Good music travels far. The band formed in 1996 in Lancaster, PA, thats right, Pennsylvania. Home of Herrs Potato Chips and Lebanon Bologna. Quentin and Wendell Jones started out as brothers and now they play guitar (Quentin) and sing (Wendell) for one of the best, screaming ass punk/rockabilly bands this side of the mighty Delaware River. The band is rounded out with Dave Ferrara on drums and Jan Luszczek on upright bass. Their first album, Whip it Out, was released in 1997 and gave the band instant credit within the Punk/Rockabilly underground. The CD is chock full of tunes that will have you pumping your fist one minute and doing your best Elvis impression the next. Whip it Out was followed up with 1999s Circuit Rider. Rider was produced by rockabilly legend and Stray Cat Lee Rocker. Rider demonstrated the bands growth as well as the chops they had secured while touring for Whip it Out. The new CD found them back on the road playing not only in their native PA, but also in Virginia, Kentucky, NJ, West Virginia and New York City. In NYC they have headlined at CBGBs as well as at the Continental, Brownies, Under Acme, and are featured regularly at the Rodeo Bar. The band has also been featured at the CMJ Music Marathon two years in a row. They were also featured on the CMJ Music Monthly CD sampler. The members of the Reach Around Rodeo Clowns have also worked with many other artists. Quentin has played guitar on Robert Gordons self titled Cd in the late nineties and from time to time plays live with him. He also produced Charlie Gracies 2001 Cd "Im All Right", and plays guitar and bass on it, and from time to time plays guitar live with Charlie. He has done live shows for Hermans Hermits in the Past. Dave has play drums for such artists as Freddie Boom Boom Canon, Charlie Gracie, Nick Kane of The Mavericks, and is the drummer for Hermans Hermits. The Rodeo Clowns have been called psychobilly and rockabilly with a punk edge but they are a style on to themselves. They do not care about their clothing, haircuts, or what you call them, they just write music that they enjoy. Since they all have a background in rockabilly, punk and rock-n-roll, you will find elements of all these styles in their music. The clowns are currently working on their 3rd Cd, due out at the end of summer.



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