Ray Gradys By Moe

EArl-y GAtes: vocals/guitar
Jon Grady: bass/vocals (when avail.)
Russ Golden: guitar/vocals
Mike Yak: drums/vocals

Ray Gradys are some of our oldest friends, and one of the best punk bands to come out of the East Coast in a very, very long time. I believe I can say this because, I have listened to punk music for over 20 years. In the age of EMO it is hard to find true "in your face", original punk bands, but these guys are it, and they have been doing it for over 11 years. The band has a new album coming soon but we are going to share with you some of the best songs from their long collection in this article.

Of course we cannot talk about the Ray Gradys without discussing my favorite "slam driving" number entitled Burn a Witch for Jesus. This song was released in 2002 on in my opinion one of the best Ray Gradys album entitled " We Don't need Your Labels" This is one of the hardest old school slamming punk songs to come off the east coast in a long time, and will remain a long term classic on my IPOD shuffle cycle.

Next is another one of our favorites, Capitalist's Curse released on their 2003 EP "Die Mindless Fools". The song delves into the current state of the political system, spitting in the face of the elitist rich mentality. This song has an old punk beat with phenomminal bass work and driving drums


Lastly we look at Tommorrow which is one of the best twisted cover songs I have ever heard; released also on the 2003 EP "Die Mindless Fools".This is not the Annie version. It drives slams and dives into the depths of punk. Well what if there is no tomorrow? This is the climax of the song, and an important question to ask. I personally think that the Ray Gradys push their music like their is no tomorrow; shoving a fist in the face of the commercialist and capitalist record industry, and challenging you to think a little about what is important in life and what is not.

On a final note at the end of Capitalist Curse their is a message machine recording of an individual who believes the Ray Gradys belong in the basement. I believe this to be true, but it will be my basement and your basement if you take time to check out this fantastic band. To the caller, we offer a big country mountain cooled "fuck you" from all the Twisted Hillbillies and all of us twisted fuckers who believe in more than the cookie cutter shit we are offered.

And thats how I really feel about it! Check them out you won't be sorry
Of course the band recieves Moe's PUNKS NOT DEAD seal of anti-EMO approval!







Band Bio

Since 1996 The Ray Gradys have been impressing audiences around the world with their creative songwriting and outspoken lyrics. The music is a blend of West Coast Punk and East Coast Hardcore, but is still influenced by old school '77 style Punk Rock. The Ray Gradys formed in Charlotte North Carolina in 1996. A very young Earl-y and former bassist, Jon, wanted to start a punk band with no rules or limitations, musically or lyrically. In 2002, after touring the US several times and releasing 4 albums, they decided to move the band to Philadelphia, PA.

Two more albums and two years later, Mike Yak joined the band taking over drums. In 2007, Russ Golden took over bass after Jon was abducted by aliens. Jon has since sold the rights to his story to PBS and has happily retired to the south of France.The Ray Gradys still continue to tour as much as possible and have become known nationally as well as internationally. Their energetic and interactive stage performance gives the crowd a chance to be involved rather than just watch.Musically, they have been described as "poppy" (Jello Biafra) to "hardcore" (Flipside Magazine) to "nice" (Dischord Records). But, if you ask the Ray Gradys what they sound like... Their reply is :
"We have so many different influences, we just play what we think sounds good."So, if you're ready for a politically outspoken punk band that loves to have fun, both on stage and off, you're ready for The Ray Gradys.