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We recently were turned on to some ole boys that are right in our back yard in North Carolina. They have a great bluegrass, rock sound that sounds like the Grateful Dead mated with some hillbilly women and spawned children.

This of course then qualifies them as not only Twisted Hillbillies but a great band. They are very musically gifted and will mellow you right out.

Its just good ole fashion mountain music that makes you start huntin some good ole shine and some of the local herbs.

Check them out I promise you will enjoy it! Some good ole fashion hillbilly fun!

Special thanks to Michael Floyd for introducing us!






The Rafe Hollister Band was born in 2005 in the mountains of Maggie Valley, N.C. After a year of rehearsing and recording, the final line-up came together.

The members are: Sam Brinkley- Lead Vocals/Drums/Harmonica, Jeff Mendenhall- Fiddle, Brooks Butler- Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals, Mike Phillipone- Bass/Backing Vocals and Mark Moser- Mandolin.

Most of the band members spent their early years in rock bands, which now gives them their own unique style known as 'Mountain Rock', describing their use of traditional bluegrass instruments to create Rafe's brand of roots music.

Known for their high-octane live shows, the band has played more bars, hoedowns, festivals, biker rallies and house parties than you can shake a stick at, giving them a seasoned and authentic sound.The new album entitled 'Stimulus Package' is an eclectic mix of original songs ranging from rock, bluegrass, folk, blues, punk and country.

In the lyrics you'll hear tales of heartbreak, moonshine, scarecrows, lard, Nascar, gospels, albiners, poking things with a stick, cows, parole, missing teeth, illiteracy, staring at the sun, possums, hoedowns, tractors, pig fights, gambling, hillbillies, chicken spit, horsepower, losers, trucks, city folk, family trees that don't branch, trailer parks, coon dogs, minimum wage, Bigfoot, camouflage, food stamps, Uncle Daddy, Skoal rings, dirt naps, bootleggers, Ford vs. Chevy, overalls, mullets, fancy book learnin', hair loss,

The Man, gibberish, manual labor, squirrels, loitering, pocket knives, feuds and various other subjects that make up life in rural Appalachia. Rafe Hollister has a reputation for tight performances and mighty fine original music and they aim to keep it that way. 



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