Psycko Billy Peep-N-Tom

(Keep Going Down to follow the Story)

Who's that?

Why, it's that damned Psyko Billy !

and he's staring into Hellie Mae's window (hard to blame him;)

He knows he's caught

'Damn you HillBilly Skip

I thought he was runnin' from me, but no......

He had a much better reason; survival !!!

The barns good cover, but it's also a trap.

The poor bastard has pinned himself.

He really hates me somtimes :) :)

His words were"Fuck You, Skip !!!"

Hellie Mae Doesn't stop at runnin him off, OH NO.......

She tracks down like a dog

She doesn't know it yet, but He's in there.........

Tune in next time to see what happens when the door flies open. You don't want to miss this :)