By Cecil Sizzlin





In today's world we have to take everything so damned serious. There are artist who are dedicated to their body of work, and changing the world as if they are Mother Teresa called for a higher purpose. I say piss on it and that’s why I bring you Psychostick; a band whose name an ole hillbilly has trouble spelling, but brings a fresh life to music and comedy. The band has a hardcore sound but the lyrics remind me very much of the ole S.O.D type stuff that take on serious subjects with humor and a lack for political correctness. I mean who else could conceivably write songs about drinking beer and driving, and not bring down the evil wrath of MADD and the Right Wing. It is this talent that has created a growing movement for Psychostick, and has fueled a major US tour and a new Christmas album. If you want to sit back and jam and forget about politics, religion or any other topics that usually flood hardcore than this band is for you. Begin with ABCDEATH and of course the song that reminds me of my first car, TWO TON PAPERWEIGHT." My Car is a piece of Shit" I mean who among us, other than you elitist rich dick heads, has not had a car of such a caliber. The song hits it right on the head! On a final note these guys are musically gifted, and have one killer bass player and rhythm section!


Straight from Metal Mountain and if you don't like it you can kiss my scarred mountain cooled white as ivory Hillbilly bumpy ass!

Cecil Cizzlin


BAND BIO (From their site)


A breath of fresh air has come for those who need a break from the standard angry rock or metal band. While many fans love the rush of loud and heavy music, it usually comes bundled with negative lyrics and attitudes.

Psychostick’s notoriously entertaining and energetic live show, in conjunction with their full length album “We Couldn’t Think Of a Title” released in 2003, quickly made Psychostick a Phoenix local legend. Loyal fans continually came back to shows in order to “get their ‘Stick fix” (something commonly said on local music websites).

In June of 2005, Psychostick’s song “Beer” became a hit on XM Radio’s Squizz 48, where it competed with other bands such as Staind and System of a Down, beating them out for the position of #1 for 7 consecutive weeks. “Beer” remained in the top 10, and “Two Ton Paperweight” was added to regular rotation as well. Many other radio stations from all over the US have been picking up the “Beer” song, and as a result Psychostick has sold over 1,600 cds, mostly sold through the internet.

Originating in Texas in 1998 and then moving to Phoenix in 2000, Psychostick has come from being a simple local band to a national hit. Psychostick has been steadily climbing higher and higher in the industry. They have captured the attention of many who are curious how far this independent band will go, as well as accumulated a die-hard fanbase that grows more every day.

With songs being about anything from frustration with a bad car to faking their deaths in order to achieve fame, “the hook” lies not just in catchy choruses, but in hilarious and memorable moments sprinkled throughout every song.

“It’s refreshing to see people coming back to our site and quoting our lyrics because it brings out their lighter side,” says Rob, the singer.

Psychostick has found a way to break the mold from a genre that often takes itself way too seriously. Combining well-written heavy riffs and grooves with tongue-in-cheek slapstick-comedy song themes, Psychostick has created a style that will either have crowds mosh-pitting one second, or doubled over laughing in another.