Psilocybe Larvae


This month we came across a technically brilliant metal band from Russia knowna as Psilocybe Larvae.

The band has a brilliant blend of symphonic undertones mixed with a bashing style of metal that is soon to be one of the favorites on my playlist.

With their recent signing with our friends Dark Harvest Records, and a big Polish tour in the works this Russian powerhouse is ready to move the metal gears off their axis.

I would highly recomend that you hang around and take a listen to one of the best metal bands I have had the fortune to listen to in quite some time.


Moe Hillbilly


Manic-depressive band PSILOCYBE LARVAE

PSILOCYBE LARVAE was formed in January of 1996 by in Vyborg. Having gone through several major line-up changes during band existence the only person who remained in the band is the permanent leader Vitaly Belobritsky. After the first demo "Liar" Psilocybe Larvae entered into professional studio in 2007 where the song called "Death Is Not the End" has been recorded for "Russian Alternative Extreme Music" compilation released in 1998.

In summer of 2000 the band recorded a full-length album called "Stigmata" and released it in demo format. In December German "Legacy" magazine called "Stigmata" demo of the month. A year later "Stigmata" was released by Black Side prod. on CD.

In autumn of 2002 PL took part in Russian tribute to Manowar with a song "Blood Of The Kings" and recorded the song “Karma Of The World” for tribute to Chimera (Russian hardcore cult band).

But the main event of 2002 was the recording of band’s second album called "Agony". In the beginning of 2003 the album was released by Black Side Prod.

In 2005 both albums were re-released by one of the biggest labels in Russia called CD-Maximum. Albums were re-mastered at Remasters Studio by Mike Hall and included bonus tracks.

At the same time the situation inside the band was going from bad to worse for many reasons and the band were forced to relocate to St.Petersburg. After many troubles we got a new bassist and a keyboardist and at last the line-up was completed. So we’ve turned the new page of our life.

After Ukrainian tour in autumn of 2006 the band entered DDT Records for the 3d album recording in January, 2007. New album called "Non-existence" was mixed at Studio Hertz (Poland) and mastered at Cutting Room (Sweden). It was released in February of 2008 in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus via Moscow label Mazzar/Mystic Empire. In March the band headlined Russian tour to support new album and took part in Creative Breath of Death tour of Belarus.

Now the band have signed a deal with Dark Harvest Records for the "Non-existence" worldwide release and recharging its batteries to get ready to start Polish tour in May.

Nowadays Psilocybe Larvae are:

Vitaly – guitar, voices
Andrey – guitar
Alan – drums
Alex – bass
Dmitry - keyboards

1996 Demo "Liar"
2000 MC "Stigmata" (Self prod.)
2001 CD "Stigmata" (Black Side prod.)
2003 CD, MC "Agony" (Black Side prod.)
2005 CD "Stigmata", "Agony" re-released (CD-Maximum - in Russia)
2008 CD "Non-Existence" (Mazzar - in Russia)

1998 CD, MC "Russian Alternative Extreme Music"(R.A.E. music)-" Death Is Not The End" song
2002 CD "Vampiria" magazine - "Stigmata" song
2003 CD "Black Hole" magazine - "Agony" song
2004 CD "Buckets of Blood" vol.2 (Bloodbucket Productions) - "Out Of Sanity" song
2004 CD "Manowar Russian Tribute" (Piranha Records) - "Blood of The Kings" song
2006 MC “Total Jazz – Tribute to Chimera” (Карма Мира Records/Outcry Records) - “Karma Of The World” song
2006 DVD "Rock Palace open-air 05" - "Stigmata" song
2007 DVD "Rock Palace open-air 06" - "Stigmata" song, "Agony" song
2008 CD “Total Jazz – Tribute to Chimera” (Карма Мира Records/Kap-kan Records) - “Karma Of The World” song
2008 CD “Hell On Fire” compilation – “Sleepwalkers” song





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