Primordial's new release "Spirit The Earth Aflame" is fastly becoming one of my favorite albums of the year. It emboldens all the things I love about metal music.

Power, force, constantly building towards raw energy the CD builds from track to track. The vocals rise out front in the style that only Primordial can claim. The tone is melodic but full of enough torque to mobilize a tank infantry.

I sense this would indeed be the perfect music to ride into battle as your spirit builds just before the violence errupts!

Perhaps it is the irish in me or my fascination with Pagan imagery but I really like the whole CD. Folk, Black and Metal were meant to go together.


While the style will not be for everyone particularly those of the growl only fan club, I am sure this band will see an ever increasing following.


Trust me you are going to want to check out this band! They have certainly climbed quickly on the Twisted Hillbilly Charts!


Moe Hillbilly

"Spirit The Earth Aflame" was originally released in 2000 and perpetuates what was started with PRIMORDIAL's first two albums - "Imrama" and "A Journey's End "- which is the amalgamation of the black, folk and celtic sound. This sound is what makes PRIMORDIAL a unique entity within a group of peers where the word "folk" invokes the visuals of the Men Without Hats "Safety Dance" video and the sound of tankard-raising folk tunes. PRIMORDIAL's sound is dark, thought-provoking and sincerely emotional. PRIMORDIAL is folk in spirit, not in sound.

Imrama (1995, Metal Blade re-issue 2009)
A Journey's End (1998, Metal Blade re-issue 2009)
Spirit the Earth Aflame (2000, Metal Blade re-issue 2010)
Storm Before Calm (2002)
The Gathering Wilderness (2005)
To the Nameless Dead (2007)
All Empires Fall (DVD) (2010)


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