" Powersolo is the psychobilly divine counterpunch to normal music"

Moe Hillbilly

Tale of the Tape:

Location: Aarhus,

Intensity: Psychobilly Deluxe

Stamina: Long Run

Usual Suspects: Kim Kix, Atomic Child, JC Benz


Well it has been nearly 5 months since we last caught up with the killer sensation known as Powersolo. These guys are gifted, brilliant and just downright hillbilly. Therefore straight off their latest smash US tour I bring you once again Powersolo. We sat down with the group a few days ago and we hope you enjoy the interview below.

Below is our original review of Powersolo!

Every now and then we have the privilege of finding music that is so original that we must stop to appreciate it for its value as art. Such is the case with Powersolo a punk-a-billy band from Denmark that has taken the Twisted Hillbilly playlist with a storm. First being drawn by the song "Hillbilly Child" for obvious reasons we were quickly absorbed by the unique view presented by this trio. The album " Its Race Day and your pussy is gut" led by the presence of vocalist Kim Kix brings an array of twisted range that is sure to please those of us who find greatness in being slightly off center. I could go further but words would fail to adequately describe, so sit back and take in Powersolo.


Moe Hillbilly




Powersolo Interview


Hey Where's My Bird? I can boogie better than no other!

1) Who first "set you off" musically? (each of you)

Kim: I'm not sure where he is now, but his name was Erik. A funny skinny blackhair'd wierdo who lived in the building as I did, in..hmmm 1987.. he introduced me to Joy Division, Sex Pistols, The Ramones etc.. But it wasn't until 88 that I got really hooked.. that's when I bought Mad Sin's first record and a Carl Perkins record. I was hooked to the billy sound instantly.

2) You guys just finished a huge tour in the western US any good
stories to tell us! How is it different in energy and response say versus
the Europoean/Denmark scene.

kim: there's a big difference touring in the US compared Europe. In Europe everything is organized. The way shows are promoted, the venues, get in times, the sound checks, fees, etc.. even if you are a relatively unknown band, like we are in the US.
In the US, it's more.. ok what time's get in? eeh.. well let's not get there too early (hate to wait), how about aiming for 8pm.. ok.. what's tonights fee? 100$ + three drink tix. ha ha.. ok it's not like that all they of course, but it doesn't make any difference that you come all the way across the seas...
The shows and the people.. there's not much difference. They're all there to have a good time, to listen and watch the band play. We play well, they dig. US or EU.

3) Tell us a little about the album "Its Race Day and your pussy is gut"

That was our first exposure to Powersolo and we were hooked. Obviously
"Hillbilly Child" was one of our favorites. How did the collaboration with Andre
Williams come about?

kim: it was our breakthrough record in denmark and much of the rest of western europe in 2004. It's a great record. It's different and it's fresh. It's packed with clichés. But clichés we took, shook and twisted.. so they came out as even greater clichés.. our own! Andre Williams had to be on that record. We played with him 2002, while still a duo (Lemon Half Moon, 1st record). We'd been Andre fans for years already, it was like.. no matter what.. if Andre's name's on it. WE BUY! We just love that guy. No one is more R'n'R than he is, good or bad. He's got it all, and the more used and abused his voice was the better he sounded. One of my alltime favorite Andre records is "Silky" out on In The Red Records. that's just a great great record!!!!


4) What are the bands future tour/ recording plans?

kim: we recorded the new album (4th) already and it's being mixed as we talk. it's due to be released end of february in Scandinavia, a bit later in rest of EU and then, hopefully in the US during the summer 2009. We're looking for a good label in the US.. Helloooo..!
We're on thour in Europe and US west coast with Heavy Trash, from the 20th sept.


5) What's the air speed of an unladened African swallow, accounting
for a 4 knot cross wind?

kim: well that depends if the cross wind is hot or if it's cold. A hot cross wind is lighter and will lift and increase the swallow's speed, a cold cross wind is heavier and thicker, it will abviously slow the goddamn swallow.

6) What's the worst place you've ever played and why was it the worst?

kim: that's easy.. we once played at a MTV after party in Copenhagen, denmark. One of those after parties with a fucking theme.. the theme was rock'n'roll, can you believe it!? How original..! it was one of those VIP parties where all the stars were there with their managers, girls, record companies, sponsors, wearing Versace and gucci and whatever.. and even whorse.. all the semi famous who wanted to be seen with the famous. they didn't give a shit about the music, they were only there to kiss ass and eat shit. We hated every second of it ! We promised each other never to do it again.


7) Ever had women get naked at your shows? I know we are juvenile on
this one but we love naked women.(Just curious)

kim: Yes, once.. ON stage... but she was scary!!!

8) Which do you favor; the .357 Magnum or the .44 Magnum?

kim: I once had a 44 Magnum water gun.... that was scary enough for me...

9) What's your favorite genre of music other than Rock/Punk?

kim: country and western swing, honky tonk, missippi blues, surf, memphis soul, old rhythm and blues.


10) Ever had to defend yourself onstage?

kim: No. Never.


11) When's your next gig and where?

kim: next gig is at The Redwood bar and Grill in LA, oct. 2nd.


12) Tell me a little about what influence you guys into your
particular sound. One of the things we love about Powersolo is its brand of unique music. In fact we lovethe self describe title " Healing & Easy Listening" in the same sentence with Punk because
that is a great description

kim: we are influenced by a lot of styles. we put everything we know into a big melt pot and then filter it. what comes out is the PowerSolo sound. Unique, refreshing, healing and easy listening.

13) I particulary enjoy "Elvin D Jerk " The music is so
old rock but still modern. Can you explain the meaning to us hillbillies?

kim: well, it is old school. It's simple, it's good a good melody and the story is good and the beat is healing! you know... everyone knows a Elvin D Jerk, I'm sure.

14) Anything you wish to share that I haven't covered; mission
statement,quote, salutation?

kim: yes.. it's hard to be a good touring band that everyone love if they only knew we excisted... we are on a mission, and that mission is not accomplished until every rock and roll kat and kitten out there knows our name. If the right label in the US can give us a fair deal and a hell of a support. They won't regret. A
nd you KNOW it!

15) Ok last minute question but White Chocklet is a freaking great
song! Tell me a little about what process that you guys use to create such a deep rich sound in your music!

kim: when we walk into a studio. We block the door from inside so that no one can interfear with us. Then we start gettin wierd.



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