Popcorn Sutton Festival

Well folks, this was a truly awesome Mountain Experience and one celebrating the last of the most defiant Protesters of government intervention and illegal taxation of Home Brew Mountain Dew....POPCORN SUTTON. This was the 3rd Annual Acoustic Jam in Popcorn Sutton's honor and the momentum is growing every year. it is situated in Maggie Valley, N.C. and the setting is amongst the most beautiful on the planet. Even the view the performers get to take in while looking out from the stage is breath taking. WE had the good fortune of meeting many very sweet, interesting and Talented folks we've seen in one setting at the same time. We encountered two of our local Knoxville acts, THE HILLBILLY OUTLAW BAND and CUTTHROAT SHAMROCK, as well as SKUNK RUCKUS, MICHELLE LEIGH out of Asheville, N.C as well as many others. The event occurred on an absolutely perfect day, weather wise, and featured a number of vendors and cause oriented booths and displays. The grounds were more than adequate and the party lawn was well manicured, making for easy pedestrian transit, even in an inebriated state :o) We had the pleasure of Meeting the event creator and organizer, Becky Ramey as well as Pam Sutton (Widow of the Late Popcorn Sutton) and Tim Smith from the show "MOONSHINERS" in Discovery channel. Y'all...this is a GREAT EVENT in every respect and like I said.....it's located in a place that has to be on the back of the Garden of Eden. There are plenty of Hotels and other types of accommodations right near the festival site and the friendliest Hillbillies anyone would ever want to meet. We'd like to also tip our hat's to HILLBILLY GROCERY, for being so kind as to supply us with those wonderful little 8oz bottle Cokes....Ahhhh....PERFECT. We plan to be following this festival and perhaps get involved in our own way this upcoming year and we'd LOVE to have ALL Y'ALL come on over to paradise and share in it with us. You will NOT be disappointed!!!




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