Popcorn Sutton Jam

It is with great joy that I am finally able to present this series. Want to start out by explaining that we came to cover the "event" and not so much "all of the participants", Sufficed to say, we enjoyed Ya all, even though some of you do not fall into category for our publication. so apologies to any participants that might feel slighted by any oversight or "Non-mention". It has always been our practice to keep it even and just cover the event and the spirit of that event.....ie POPCORN and, of course....the SPIRITS !!! ;o) The whole thing started on Thursday night for us, as we showed up for the "Pre-Party" given for the participants and sponsors. We arrived at our Hotel (The SMOKY FALLS LODGE). The accommodations were absolutely awesome and the staff VERY helpful. They've got covered motorcycle parking, NICE porches and covered pavilions to gather in after hours....and gather we did !!! After settling in at the Lodge, we headed out for the festival grounds, which are spacious and include a WELL built and equipped stage. There, under the tent, was a beautiful set up for the food and across from it, our favorite part, the refrigerated BEER TRAILER :o) Special thanks to our new friend LARRY, the Local Budweiser rep, for the hospitality and the unexpected, local, hand crafted beers. It was at the festival grounds that we met up and re-unioned (not a word;) with our good friends and HOSTESSES, Becky Ramey and PAM SUTTON (Popcorn's beloved Widow). Then, the Mayberry Squad Car made an entrance with legendary Moonshiner JIM TOM HEADRICK, Jeff and Mark, from North Carolina Moonshiners (.com) were also there and riding two WICKED Harleys from Steel Horse Customs :o) The Music, Food, and Drink, combined with the temperate weather, made for an awesome evening. After we left the festival grounds, we headed over to BREWS CUES and BBQ, a local Restaurant and Bar, which featured Popcorn Sutton's "Original Still" as part of the decor...and before the night was over, they also featured one of our FAVORITE ARTISTS....JAKE COX (Soon to recording with Twisted Hillbilly Records). Thanks for stepping up doing a set for us Brother !!!! After the Pub, we went back to SMOKY FALLS LODGE, where the serious partying began. Let's just say the Moon was SHINING BRIGHT!. Next morning, we "Came To", went over to the MAGGIE VALLEY RESTAURANT and had a full meal (Love their Biscuits and Gravy)....and then back to the Lodge for "Desert' ;o). Yep. The Moon was apparently still out :o) After getting our heads straight, thanks to the best modern moonshiners on record, we hit the festival grounds and the JAM began. There were a myriad of different styled artists, cranking out some good music, and one guy that consistently kept dancing....even after the music had ceased for a good while. He managed to gather the attentions of the Maggie Valley Law enforcement, who escorted him away.... leaving a Vacuum where the Police had been, which was welcomed and immediately acted upon . We like to call the Dancer, our designated decoy. He sure did remove those Cops for a bit ;o) Then our Brother JAKE COX took the stage and showed the people what REAL MOUNTAIN MUSIC truly is. His voice, Guitar, Banjo and Dobro, work resonated deeply with that crowd and they went from docile in the begging to FULLY energized by the time he was half way through his set. Great job Jake !!! The evening finished with MICHELLE LEIGH, a staple at the festival and local favorite. She rocked'em all !!! Love Ya Michelle   After the festivities subsided on Friday night, it was again, back to the lodge to turn up the celebration til the wee hours of the morning. It was good to meet the folks behind POPCORN SUTTON TENNESSEE WHITE WHISKEY....and also good to taste some of the Late Legend's works, Thanks Guys :o) Saturday morning found us in the same shape we had retired in....still buzzed :o) After a bit of " Mountain Pain Killer', we headed back out to see Saturday's fare at the grounds, which included, notably, Boot Leg Turner, Kaitlyn Baker, and again, closed with MICHELLE LEIGH. Folks, this is more than an event...it is a true Mountain Experience and worthy of anyone's time. If you get the chance to cath the 5th Annual Popcorn Sutton Jam......DO SO !!!











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