Psyko Billy

merry christmas

Psyko Billy is the product of a few too many close contacts between close relatives. He had to be locked up or chained throughout most of his adolescence, as he was wild as hell and often did serious damage to property and persons, left unattended or not. Not that the locking up or chaining ever made any difference. He's a genius at escape to the point the local law enforcement stopped arrresting him. There was no point, as he would be back out and up in the hills before the next day broke. He has had a tremendous crush on hellie Mae since they were both children. As dangerous as he can be, that could be his undoing. He has been legally committed to a mental facility, but nobody has ever been able to capture him and institutionalize him. The last time they tried he severely injured 16 grown men and destroyed 3 Police Cruisers. It just wasn't worth it in the end. He may be the first person that drug abuse actually helped. When he's blown out on 'Hooch", of whatever kind, is the most stable he ever is. Be on the look out for him if you are ever hiking or camping near Metal Mountain. Forget about bears and watch for this guy. He won't hurt ya, but he will make your life a little too interesting for a time. We've known him his whole life and he gives us the "shivers".