Pat Travers

This one was a surprise. Not the quality....we KNEW that would be "Tops", but the fact that PAT TRAVERS has resurfaced. This man was a major element in the incubation of what we know as "Metal Guitar" today. In the Late 70's Pat had a couple of big albums that featured tracks like BOOM BOOM (Out go the Lights) and SNORTIN' WHISKEY (...and drinkin' cocaine). His style is everywhere in today's metal and he even broke a now known Metal drummer on the scene from his most popular effort, a fella named Tommy Aldridge ;o) Pat really had to pursue a solo approach in his day, because he was making sounds with a guitar that fit nowhere in that eras massively over produced mainstream music. You'll hear his guitar influence in most anything "Hard Rock" or Metal that came after his splash on the scene. We caught him in one of our very favorite venues THE SHED at SMOKY MOUNTAIN HARLEY DAVIDSON, an outdoor venue with top quality appointment, food, service, and staff. If Y'all get the chance to catch Pat (and especially if you've never heard him) Please do so. It is a great show and amazing guitar work.




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