As much as I LOVE me some Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort, I would feel re-missed not to tell y'all about OUTLAND, just a scant 9.7 miles from Deals Gap on US 129. The ride down that stretch of US 129 is awesome.

It offers some down hill curves and then flattens out nicely to run alongside a very beautiful river, for several miles. There are mountains rising on both sides of the rider too, which lends to a great feel, and better visibility by providing a more concise "world". No need to look around, the beauty is all within the scope of the eye as you look down the road ahead.

I found OUTLAND years back, but had forgotten about it, because I usually stop at Deals Gap Resort and then head back up the main track on the Dragon. BUT, on this particular day, I found myself nearly dry in the tank and sitting in awe at a "closed for the season", Deals Gap. I was really counting on the fact that they would be open, so I could re-fuel.

After talking with the Grounds Keeper at the Resort, he recommended that I try for OUTLAND, so off I went and was glad in the end. OUTLAND provides a more relaxed and more beautiful setting for the biker. Like I said, I love Deals Gap, but sometimes it's just so crowded that it's difficult to relax. OUTLAND sits right on the bank of the river and has a really cool and private "Party Area", paved with concrete, and stocked with picnic tables, out back of the store, not to mention the very kind staff inside.

It is a community store, but they are marketing to DRAGON traffic and are set up to accommodate those who ride it. The store is located on the "link" section between the Dragon and the Cherohala Skyway and is the perfect stop over en route. Any groups that are riding in the area should surely check this place out. It's just easier to keep up with everybody on a stop vs trying to round everyone up to depart. amidst 300+ other people. Need less to say, I was overjoyed to find them and find them OPEN, as I was on "reserve" in the tank, but in a way, I owe thanks to Deals Gap for being closed that day and will now gladly make effort to patronize both when I can

. Hope y'all will too.

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