One Man And His Beard

by Moe


This month I found quite a unique one man band in the UK, simply known as one man and his beard. He plays a unique blend of punk music mixed with an alternative flair. Those that use myspace will appreciate his original song "Free Tom". I say, "Keep going One Man and His Beard; I for one want to hear more." There is still such a thing as art in music. I also enjoyed "I Hate Birthdays", an almost beach rock punk mix with a subject I totally agree with. Take the time and check out this truly one of a kind music extravaganza.




One Man And His Beard resides near Manchester, UK and has been doing sporadic gigs over the past 15 years, headlining at various student unions but never getting any recognition from outside the confines of the venues! Now thanks to myspace, airplay has occurred in England, Australia, and the US with the friends list on myspace increasing from 400 last christmas to over 12000 now,so things are definitely on the "up and up" with oversea's tours very possible in the near future,hopefully 2008 will bring a record deal,with all 5 songs on the site certain to be included on any album that gets the go ahead. Meanwhile, a new song will appear every 2 months on the site starting in January. Stay tuned for more of "One man and his Beard"