There has been entirely to little punk music covered at the hillbilly lately and it falls on the shoulders of yours truly the ole punk editor. But quite frankly our policy at the TH is to only print the stuff we like and I have had to meddle thru a lot of dodgy shit to find the roses in the thorns.

With that said I have found a great band from the Midlands UK that shoves a finger in the nose of the establishment. Officer Down has an old fashion punk sound mixed with hardcore that slams you right between the eyes. My favorite song has got to be Blood For Oil which by title questions American policy in regards to oil and war. The song has a haunting punk theme with a hard edge and statement that is quite clear. Stay tuned as we have an interview with this great group coming up in just a few days!



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Officer Down started in mid 2005, Four people, all Ex-members from
well worn bands, met up to have a jam. A complete mismatch of musical
interest, but a bond that would last. Gammon and Alistair were still in
the ominous metal band Rotting Tramp, and Will and Loz had been out of
action for a while. So it wasn’t an amazing jam, but we stuck at it. Near
2006 trying to keep Rotting Tramp in the air had become tiresome for
the members so a mutual “shake of the hands and pat on the back” meant
that Gammon and Alistair were now completely focused on Officer Down. We
then practiced for nearly a year without playing a single gig!
Concentrating fully on putting together a set, to brake out of the silent
scene into the local circuits. We played a bunch of gigs at local pubs to
close friends and fly’s on the wall, Aswell as playing the odd gig
further a field. In late 2006 we cut our first cd “Led By Lies Christians
and Money”, recorded in Alistair’s attic by Shay (The Cunts/Owner
of E.H.C Records) on his 16 track recorder. Now with a CD we played a
bunch of gigs up and down the UK. March 2007 saw the end of the
original bass player Loz. So we asked the guitarist from The Cunts Shay to
step in on Bass duties.

With the new line-up we are now in full throttle and have since done a
mini tour of Ireland, a bunch of gigs around the UK and took a trip to
The Waiting Room Studio and recorded 3 tracks with Jim Turner which is
The track 'Time To Break Your Fall' from that cd has been played a
couple of times on 'The Punk Show' (formally THE LOCK UP) on Radio 1. Blood
For Oil will also feature on and upcoming compiltion on Plant A Tree

With this CD behind us we have played ZVERA Festival in LATVIA aswell
as numberous gigs for the rest of 2007.

We went back into the studio again in October 07 and recorded 5 tracks
again with Jim Turner which will be released as a split cd with loads
of shithot bands on US label...TENT CITY RECORDS in March/April 08.

Starting 2008 we have already compleated our first full UK Tour with
The Extinguishers and also have loads of gigs booked for the rest of 2008
including this years City Invasion & Zvera Festival in Latvia..

More To Come

Watch this space!!!!