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This month while combing through the dark catacombs of Black Metal I ran across a band from Valencia, Spain known as Noctem. With a crushing, punishing mission this band will haunt the realms of the avid Black Metal fan for many years to come.  The power and force of dark guttural vocals with a high biting scream, is staged to punish the listener into a sense of sheer awe at how good this band really is. I listen to a lot of Black and Extreme Metal bands and I promise if this is your genre you will like what you hear from Noctem. So sit back and crank it up and don't take my word for it. May your ears bleed in happiness.
Cecil Sizzlin






Noctem consolidated as extreme metal band in April, 2001. Its founders embraced by the ideals of violence's exaltation, pure hate, misanthropy and the antithesis of all human's absurd religions created this excellent war-machine which moves forward with giant steps between the ranks of a putrid civilization, infected with poor social values; this values lying in submissive human minds confused by an endless gleam of incoherent principles, which leads them to their total auto destruction. Nowadays, Noctem keeps working in new themes, an aggressive aesthetic and a show based in the ideology and perversions of the band. Instead of keeping tied to the roots of the musical genre which it belongs, Noctem struggles to innovate in its music, avoiding to freeze its evolution. With the actual formation of the band, this has acquired a more eccentric and violent behavior. Other formation that renews its shows and performances, beginning that way with a new age.






















































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