Tale of the Stage:

Location: Finland,

Intensity: Metal's Finest

Stamina: Icons!

Wrap Sheet: This is the fastest we have ever written an article about a band. However, Hillbilly Skip was throughly impressed with Nightwish so check his review out below! Also check out the killer photospread at the bottom!










What an amazing evening. Imagine this. You drive from a city 4 hours away to see your favorite band. You arrive to find out the lead singer has come down with extreme flu like symptoms and your favorite band cancelled. Show over, game over, major fuckin’ bummer; right? WRONG; in this case. This is how the evening began in my experience with NIGHTWISH and SONATA ARTICA. The lead singer for NIGHTWISH had indeed come down with an illness with flu like symptoms, thus, the head liner was cancelled. It was at this point that I began noticing the elements for an extraordinary evening coming into play. I watched as fan after fan came to the door, saw the poster announcing the cancellation, and watched their shoulders drop in disappointment. I overheard the stories of people discovering the NIGHTWISH cancellation on the radio as they drove in from some fairly sizable distances away. I learned that the singer was not only sick, but hospitalized for a time. I walked around the corner and looked toward the NIGHTWISH tour bus sitting in the side lot and noticed a group of fans gathered around the bus in a show of solidarity for the band and their fallen comrade. It was then that I began witnessing compassion and greatness. As I watched, the door of the NIGHTWISH tour bus opened and the band brought fans on board, a few at a time, in a constant, but fairly slow rotation. These gallant band members were bringing these fans into the only private space they enjoy and giving these supporters the real “Rock Star” experience of a lifetime. There was no wild partying and sexual exploits, but the feel of being in the inner sanctum of someone you would truly respect and adore as a fan. They were treated as if they were “the FRIENDS of NIGHTWISH” that they had probably only fantasized of being. I spent sometime on onboard as they cycled a few groups through the bus and I observed, with great joy, as the members of NIGHTWISH took these disappointed, worried, star struck fans and made them feel special and included. The scene I just described went on for hours til show time. Really sweet and kind , huh? If that wasn’t enough, the band made arrangements for every fan to be informed that they would receive a FULL REFUND. Then, 2 of the venue staff, DJs ARKADY and BONE made an adjustment to compensate for the absence of an opening act by unsheathing their well renouned ability to; Bust out a party full of music; on a moments notice and entertained the crowd for roughly an hour. Everybody seemed quite pleased. You might check out their podcast at BONESLAIR.COM and ITUNES. WOW; very cool, especially when you also consider the fact that the Feature Act (Opening Band) SONATA ARTICA, “stepped up to the pump” and played a DOUBLE SET (about 2 full hours)of their very excellent music FOR FREE!!!They did this just to take up the slack from the early evening disappointment the fans had to face. WOW,WOW,WOW!!!To make up for a simple act of nature and circumstance, the 2 bands, and Venue staff threw themselves into the act of taking care of disappointed fans. True greatness folks, nothin’ less. Now all this was mighty fine, but there was an added surprise for the fans as well. As they watched SONATA ARTICA perform their hearts out, they hadn’t yet noticed that right behind them, at the main bar, the members of NIGHTWISH had lined up to take in the show and party hard with all the fans. It was pure delight to watch fans realize with whom they were partying. A group of about 3-4 young girls simply burst into tears as they realized they were standing inches away from the band members they so adored. It was like watching an old film of the fan reaction the BEATLES received coming off the plane in America for the first time. It made me feel good all over. The girls clasped their hands over their mouths and tears flowed as they were taken under wing and hugged by the band members. What an awesome experience for these young people. They may not have gotten to see their favorite band perform, but they did get an experience unparalleled by any other fan experience along the tour route. For an evening, they got to be FRIENDS with NIGHTWISH instead of just supporters and fans. These people will be able to see NIGHTWISH , or any other band, perform again numerous times in their lives, but they may never again have the chance the fates granted them this evening. What started out “lemons” became the most wonderful ‘lemonade” most any fan has ever experienced. I am so glad, proud, and honored to get to witness an event like this. I saw compassion, concern, bonding, acceptance, awesome music, complete coolness; GREATNESS!!!!! NIGHTWISH, SONATA ARTICA, and the staff at the VALARIUM(our favorite venue) have my undying admiration and respect from this point forward. Thank you all so much for “showin’ the love” and best wishes,especially to NIGHTWISH on a full and speedy recovery for your fallen mate.With Feelin’,
HillBilly Skip
I will be doing a full live review of SONATA ARTICA in a seperate piece. You'll love them. check them out on myspace in the mean time.


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