Nashville Pussy

Two words NASHVILLE PUSSY !!!! This band is a mix of some of the greatest forms out there, (and Pardon the Pun), but impossible to "pigeon hole".


There are the flavors of Punk(attitude), Southern Metal, Boogie Rock and Psychobilly in the mix and it is simply as entertaining and moving as music gets.


This ATLANTA , GA. based band has been tearing ti up for some time now and enjoy a very healthy underground following (our favorite kind).


So, one wonders....from whence came such a name? Well, for those of us old enough to remember, the mere mention of Ted Nugent will answer that question.


For those who came along since, it is a phrase used by "Uncle Ted" in his intro to the song "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang" on the "Double Live Gonzo" album, go listen :o)


NASHVILLE PUSSY is replete with seasoned Professionals , as they have been active since 1996 and , well, if being GRAMMY NOMINATED doesn't say that, we don't know what would.


This band is a hell of a lot of fun to watch and still, after these many years, their enthusiasm and Fan Friendly reputation stands "Lived Up Too".


Folks, if ya get a chance to see this band, Ya simply MUST and do yourselves a favor and buy their CDs, you will NOT be disappointed.....AT ALL ! Hell, I find it fun just to have people see the CD case laying in the seat of the car.....I love to watch the grin they get on their faces :o)


This spread was shot by our friend and colleague, Brian Burch of NASTYDOG PHOTOGRAPHY in Houston, TX. The venue is HOUSE OF BLUES (Houston, Texas)


!!! ENJOY !!!!!



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