My Last Right





Tale of the Stage:

My Last Right

Location: Knoxville, TN

Intensity: Metal, Hardcore

Usual Suspects:

Brandon Walker

Steve Garner

Raymond McDonnell

Jason Godfrey


Well Folks, it happened again.We went to cover one band and ended up finding our "True Love" in the opener. MY LAST RIGHT kicked our fucking teeth in !!! These guys are tight and sounded absolutely awesome for the sound equipment they were using. The Venue "THE LONGBRANCH SALOON" is your typical "Old School" venue that we have all come to love so well, right down to the "No Fighting" sign that adorns the wall. The band was staged in the upstairs loft, which in it's own right had a good feel. Moe and I plan to tend as many events there as we can. Excellent staff and Management. Very hospitable and co-operative with the HillBillies:) We intend to follow MY LAST RIGHT efforts as we think they have the tightness and polish required to go "Main Stage" as soon as someone, anyone, opens their ears and listens. If you get the chance to catch this band you really should. MY LAST RIGHT; A true "Band of Brothers". Skip


1) Who first "set you off" musically?
Bob Seger,Red Hot Chili Peppers(Flea), Mudvayne,Bon Jovi(in the day)

2) What's the biggest named line up you played with?
Absolute Power, Pick Up The Snake, and Scorned

3) What/who inspired the song"Panic" ?
Brandon's wife's pregnancy.

4) What are the bands future tour/ recording plans?
The Region, The U.S., The World !!!!!!

5) What's the air speed of an unladened African swallow, accounting for a 4 knot cross wind? (I'm a "smartass")
"Bout as fast as the blood comin' from them 'Flesh Wounds"

6) Anybody married (w/ kids) in the band?
All but Ray are married (hear that Ladies?) Brandon and Steve have Kids

7) Have any of you ever been arrested? (if yes, please elaborate; alot:) (each of you)
A couple of us for fun stuff like smashing mailboxes and under age consumption

8) What's the worst place you've ever played and why was it the worst?
A place in Jeffreson City

9) Ever had women get naked at your shows? (Just curious)
Yep, a few times. Nashville comes to mind. (Apparently that one was remarkable)

10) Which do you favor; the .357 Magnum or the .44 Magnum? (there's a reason I ask,both are good answers)(each of you)
1).44 magnum 1).357 1) Didn;t know they made condoms that small 1) Hit'em in the head and it won't matter.

11) What's your favorite genre of music other than that which you play? (each of you)
Brandon(pretty much everything) Ray(Two words,Johnny Cash) Jason(Southern Rock)

12) How long have you been together?
Since 1996

13) Got any groupies ? ;)
Yep, Married them all, except fpr Ray (hear that Ladies?)

14) Anybody ever thrown up while playing?
Nope :)

15) Ever had to defend yourself onstage?
Nope ! :)

16) When's your next gig and where?
The Downtown in Morristown, TN

17) What's the bands "Motto/Battle Cry"
"Where's my shit?"
18) When your next album be released?
An Acoustic CD is in the works




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