Well Folks. The Integrity Tattoo Crew NEVER cease to amaze us with their ability to carve a damned good time out of every facet of Mountain Life.Having been to numerous gatherings, concerts (in and out of town), truck climbs, Fireside Party/Sleepovers, and "bucket list" mid-night rides  through the Valley with them, they just keep impressing with their INTEGRITY (that's not just a name, btw, but a way of life) and INGENUITY. What I'm speaking of is MOW-DEGA!!! I've heard of Lawnmower races before, but not like MOW-DEGA. This is some REAL SPEED, Balls to the Walls RACIN' !!! I arrived just a bit after dark and parked downhill from where I knew the track to be. All I could see when I got out of the car was back-lit, rising smoke and I could hear the ROAR of engines and plenty of laughter and HOLLERIN' ! As I topped the hill, to the track side, I was amazed at the perfection of the track and surfacing. It was excellent track, pitched at least 30 degrees and plenty deep and wide to create a number of good running lines and lots of speed. It was also centrally lit from the infield which gave good vision the track over. I arrived during the "Hot Laps" and spent time chatting with the very quality people of our mountain region; all havin' a "cold one" and a warm conversation. Then.....IT WAS ON !!! These guys gave us an excellent show, both in craftsmanship and driving ability. The machines were raw, practical, and smothered in personality and character.....they were also pretty damned fast. Those guys took off in a roar and when they let off the gas in a turn, the back compression off the exhaust was enough to literally blow your hair back from 30-40 feet! Needless to say, my adrenaline shot straight up. When I say "Ball to the Walls", bear in mind that this track doesn't have the concrete walls with styrofoam padded inlay, that we see at stock car races. This is a circuit that simply has a crest and a crowd standing the perimeter like a lot of the European road races. Also needless to say....a VERY ATTENTIVE crowd ;o) I watched as they did several laps and the skill level was amazing. It was like watching the Hillbilly Blue Angels. They were flying in formation and just inches from one another....and yeah....there was some "rubbin'" goin on too. If you notice in a couple of the shots, you'll see that the inside front tires are off the ground. The track shape and centrifugal force is such that the machines are doing this most of the time ....much like some dirt track cars. It was simply amazing to see lawn tractors exerting these forces. I'll have to say it.....they got me again. I reckon they always will!!! Love to Ya Autumne, Kenny and the whole INTEGRITY TATTOO CREW. Yet another unforgettable evening, deep in the mountains.


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