Molly Hatchet




This is WHAT WE DO !!! This gives us the opportunity to not only bring exposure to one of the Great Legends of Southern Outlaw Rock, MOLLY HATCHET, but also a chance to show off one of the Great Talents in Photography, in our beloved Mountain region, Mr. JEFF HAAS !!!

It was a pleasure to get to cover this band. When we were growing up, they were ALL the rage in the Rebel Scene and had mainstream recognition that is ill afforded the Outlaw Brand even in this day.

The music is and was, a unique and well crafted sound that just struck a HELL RAISING chord inside just about everybody that heard it. The guys are working the road hard again and still bringing the same energy and spirit to the performance stage. If you get a chance....get out and see'em !!!! It's just a damned good time Folks :o)

I'd also like to make mention of the Photography and Photographer for this spread. JEFF HAAS is an area Photographer that has quite the reputation for his work with Models and Portraits, so we were joyously flabbergasted when he expressed and interest in submitting Concert Photography for one of our layouts. Over the past several years, we've seen some great work and his is both unique and exceptional. Jeff shot this with NO BARRICADE space (that we find essential to the work) !!!

He literally had to work his way through the crowd to get the angles and shots he sought and still, he knocked it OUT OF THE PARK ! Enjoy these shots and know that the guy that shot them is a true Concert Warrior and did it all for the Love of the Game and the FANS :o)

























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