This is a show at which I got what I expected. A top notch Metal performance by long time masters of the art.


Anyone who has any basic, historic understanding of the genre is familiar with Megadeth and in many cases, the back story, so I won’t bother going into that.


What I will go into is the fact that time has only done favors to the progression of the respective artist’s skill and repose.



I came expecting nothing less than a killer Metal performance and that’s just exactly what I witnessed.


I also witnessed something I really hang value on; A top notch Metal act takin’ it back to the streets with their fans.


They took the time to sign the CDs sold at the event and shake the hands of the loyal and excited fans. This is the stuff that proves quality with me.


Any asshole can learn to play and instrument, even well; but it is a true artist (and class act) that stays humble.


In the end we are all worm food, so no need for airs, eh.


Admittedly, I don’t judge "Big" bands that don’t take the time, but I’ll damn sure point out the strength of those who do take the time.


It is a valuable thing they share with their fans. Such acts entrench my fondness of those bands that care.


If you get the chance to catch any dates on the present tour, I would say


"Go out of your way, if need be, to see this group and the bands touring with them.


I see hundreds of performances a year and this one sits high in my top 5 for sure. GITCHOASS out and see MEGADETH and Company.



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